Self-driving Audi RS7 takes us for a ride

We take a seat in the Audi that drives itself, the RS7 Piloted Driving concept, around the Ascari track in Spain.

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  1. If we keep this.
    Transformers will rule over.

  2. C’est trop bien !

  3. Rich people will buy 7 of this cars and they will drive one to race the other 6 like in a videogame.

  4. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could click a button on an Audi app and have your car come pick you up from somewhere if you went out with friends?

  5. Its just a seat leon design😂😂😂

  6. Hey, two of you guys from Australia right? Because of the accent i can tell.

  7. awesome!!!

  8. Wow they aren’t even afraid

  9. I want Klauss fleece jacket !

  10. What is that gear lever? It’s the one from the A8.

  11. Bobby WON. When Bobby was driving there were 2 people in the car, versus one person in the first lap. So Bobby was driving a car 200 pounds heavier. So, if the difference was just only 2 seconds, then it’s safe to say that Bobby won. Thumbs up if agree.

  12. Not fair for bobby, bobby got 2 people in the car, vs the reporter who was alone..

    But on another side, I’d love to see the day when I’m rich enough to press a button and have my RS7 drive up to me, then sit at the back seat with a girl, and have the car drive us to some restaurant.. imagine?

  13. Lets see the car try to maintain control when its front left tire pops. huehuehuehuehue.

  14. +Ken Wood  ok This changes how i feel about self driving cars alot, maybe not fully but this was impressive and by audi

  15. wow!!!! welcome to the future. Sweet looking ride.

  16. in his left hand he’s holding something

  17. Curious as to whether a DUI would still be issued if you were drunk in the drivers seat while the self pilot was active. Hmmm.

  18. Perfect for kids

  19. Science is positively amazing. Autonomous cars will save a hell of a lot of lives. By definition, these are true automobiles. We now have better than "Back To The Future Part 2" technology. We have space stations orbiting the planet. We’re globally interconnected. 3D-printed human organs are becoming a reality. Scientists have mapped the entire human genome and have verified right down to the chromosomal level that evolution is a fact. Humanity has been enlightened and learned so much about reality through science, but it’s still hobbled by Bronze Age mythologies.

  20. Electric cars driving themselfs with solar power, automated machine guns with tracking systems (aimbots) gg

  21. Bobi can drive my dick

  22. what is the thing he is holding

  23. When someone wants to get rid of you, all they have to do is hack into the satellite and run you into oncoming traffic at 120 miles an hour. I’ll pass on this technology. In fact, I like to keep at least one pre-1990’s car in good working condition with little to no computer tech in it. Even the new non-self driving cars are constantly trackable by the onboard computer systems.

  24. I would never buy a car that drives it self. for various reasons, one of them being that the cars computer is incredibly easy to hack into. you dont only put your self in danger but everyone else out there.

  25. What if Bobby has a mind of its own, I recommend you watch the film ex-machina then you’ll kind of understand what I mean and I want to try this car how much you say?

  26. Load the drift code into Boby.

  27. I certainly love driving cars, but I also don’t appreciate deaths of loved ones by idiotic drivers, this has been a long time coming.

  28. Lol that was amazing
    I am a private hire driver and I think I need to look for another job in near future as seems to me very likely taxis will become driverless,
    Well nothing wrong with it, I welcome the change

  29. Now put Siri or Cortana in it

  30. What about the BMW 330i on top gear that drive itself with clarkson in it?

  31. If Audi is at Work, there wont happen any accidents 😉

  32. #Jesustookthewheel

  33. That must have been the most surreal experience ever haha

  34. So could you send your car to come pick you up from somewhere like a personal taxi????

  35. HOLY SHIT! Imagine beeing a multi millionaire and buy 20 or more of these cars set them loose on your private racetrack then jump in one and rece them all like in a videogame LOL
    I have a new goal in life now.

  36. This is great. It lets those who enjoy driving have fun and keeps the distracted texting idiots from killing more people.

  37. ok… so when it kills someone who’s responsible?

  38. fantastic awesome this is now reality a self driving car

  39. Bad for enthusiasts
    Good for people that are handicapped

  40. Knight Rider is going be Real 😀

  41. Sick !!

  42. Something mercedes benz archieved some years ago !

  43. so is it actually driving itself? or is it just programmed to move and accelerate at certain time?

  44. piloted car… Fuck that

  45. You’re building skynet. Fuck you all for killing us.

  46. add 200 lbs and you add time on the clock…

  47. What is in the "driver’s" left hand?

  48. This is some transformers shit right here

  49. That’s not the right way to use an RS7 xd

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