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  1. Hahaha. Nice 😀

  2. "No bars, no bars, no bars, no bars.   Aaaaaahhhh!!!!"

  3. Hold up. I was looking this video up for the automation. Why wouldn’t you add the end where the forklifts are driving themselves in the warehouse offshore on a rig? I just had an order picking job get cut for a new automated plant. They showed us video of how it works, lots of jobs gone. Not everything has to be done by humans, really very little does. We have more people than we have necessary jobs for: I do not need you to take my fast food order….where’s the rest? rrr

  4. Okay, when you realize that you’re headed towards a shipping yard in a driverless car that overrode your previous destination and is now headed towards an island, that should be your cue to either roll down the window or break the fucking thing and jump out of it. So what if I break a bone or two. I’d rather be laid up in a hospital for a few weeks than being stuck on an island all alone. What’s worse, it’s a man-made island so you can’t even burn shit for a signal fire. Moral of the story: I’m sticking with manual cars.


  6. I like it but there should be an automatic Pizza Delivery with water before "Sleep Mode" is entered. Duh?!

  7. Just watching him pull into that container gave me anxiety lol

  8. what episode is it?

  9. I like how he thinks to say "let me out" before he thinks to opens his car door, until he does when its too late because the side of the crate is blocking it, and not earlier like at a red light or something

  10. this is where jared should have learned to tuck and roll

  11. His scream made me laugh all day. Hilarious.

  12. Mr.Car

  13. And you’ll never know where it would take you… 😀

  14. This show is go funny omg

  15. I would be laughing if I weren’t vicariously terrified out of my wits right now.

  16. this guy really knows how to act as a gigantic pussy

  17. Monica is muh gurl

  18. When I heard Uber was launching self-driving cars for riders, I kept thinking about this.

  19. Not funny. It could happen.

  20. FUD

  21. Lemme guess, the assistant mixed up the date line, and set up the destination override one day early?

  22. This sure doesn’t make me look forward to the future of automobile technology o.o

  23. A classic.   Sweet, hapless Jared.

  24. I just finally tried watching this show this afternoon (mostly because I think Kumal Nanjiani is flat out hilarious and he’s one of my all time favorite comedians, so I figured I’d check it out because of that and also because HBO doesn’t really censor their shows and I feel like that makes good content, especially comedy, exponentially better).
    Point being… I’ve only been exposed to this show for a handful of hours so far (I’m on episode 8 of season 1) and HOOOOLY SHIT, this show is AWESOME!
    I freaking LOVE this show!!!
    *sigh* Ok, sorry, I just had to put that out there lol

  25. What the hell was that a driverless car I don’t think that’s a good idea

  26. OK… I should probably watch this show.

  27. Code carefully and test products 🙂

  28. Funny and yes I thought it was going to drive off the pier.

  29. This 3 minute clip is funny. The guy is soo perfect in his role. This episode is epic !!

  30. I would have jumped out of the car

  31. This should have happened to Gabe Lewis, not Jared.

  32. Omg it’s missing the ending (the best part!!)

  33. lol!

  34. um, Mr. Car?

  35. Uhmm… Mr. car?

  36. which episode ?

  37. uhh… Would be the best day of my life.

  38. 2016 will talk car era

  39. was anyone else expecting the car just to drive off the end of the pier?

  40. Haha! It was scenes like this that kept me watching!

  41. man this show is epic. the cast is fucking brilliant, especially this dude and tj miller

  42. a car that kidnapping a human? wow

  43. Someone needs to make a Jarred montage, one of my favourites for sure

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