Skoda Fabia Advert – Original Cake Car

What do you call a Skoda at the top of a hill?
A miracle.
What do you call a Skoda made out of cake?
An advert.

Car Confectionery, Skoda Fabia created from an assortment of baked goods over a structural base of Rice Krispie slabs and cakes. Fully (in)edible 8litre engine fuelled by Golden Syrup.


Soundtrack: Julie Andrews – My Favourite Things

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  1. the cake is a lie

  2. woooooow

  3. is this a british ad?

  4. Still so insanely cool!

  5. That add cost skoda £500,000 to make and i think it is worth every penny.


  7. 10000000000 Calories per serving

  8. 240p
    What is this, the dark ages?

  9. Throwback

  10. man it looks like real, its beautiful!!

  11. All the have to do now is build a gingerbread garage!

  12. i remember this one, i i actually drove this generation fabia for 4 years

  13. I got a Skoda Fabia TDI last year and its brilliant . I am glad I hadnt seen this add as I think l would have got a cake instead. Skoda should sell on their engineering quality !!!!

  14. hd quality at its finest

  15. This ad cost £500,000, that means 62 times as much as the real car. I’m not sure if it’s worth…

  16. And the thing costs more than the actual car

  17. No limit for innovation,no limit for human’s mental

  18. Soooo cool

  19. GM the shittiest car maker in america could never think of something this clever

  20. Curious to know how much it would have costed!! 😛

  21. Love to build the cake like this excellent

  22. I love how Skoda on top of a hill is a miracle (description) XD

  23. I was 5 when I saw this advert and i still remember it

  24. C’mon, guys. First Rate Work. attempt surprise What do you think… 1!

  25. wowwwww

  26. I remember this 🙂

  27. Honestly, the best advert to ever grace our screens. Julie Andrew, can’t go wrong. 

  28. Hastag like car

  29. Lyle’s Golden Syrup… PRODUCT PLACEMENT

  30. r.i.p to all those skoda fabia’s

  31. I love this advert so much

  32. one word… diabetes

  33. Cake boss!

  34. Also the windscreen’s badly frosted and the brakes are a bit spongy too

  35. Dive na Dive!

  36. зАЕБИСЬ

  37. gang gang

  38. I wanna drive that car!! XD

  39. i will eat the car

  40. This song used to make me sad instead of happy. Why? "Dancer in the Dark". ='(

  41. This advert doesn’t make me want to buy the car, it makes me want to buy a cake…

  42. waste of food

  43. To me it looks somehow not normal to make a cake car while there are thousand of children starving in the very same moment. Otherwise it is fun I guess to eat a cake cylinder head for example. 😀

  44. Rekt

  45. I’m sure it was green?

  46. If I Knew you were comin id’ve baked a cake

  47. WOW! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  48. I wasn’t the only one who was thinking about having cake when I first saw this advert from long ago. xD

    I would of love to eat that car cake, it be a shame to see it go to waste! xD

  49. Diddly did it.

  50. Apparently the cake costs more than the car !!!

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