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  1. the lesson is: Its better to be on passager side thant drive a smart, unless you want to get a sterring in the face

  2. You will almost always be safer in a bigger car unfortunately, assuming similar technology.

  3. Slightly less catastrophic since there’s a larger crumple zone.

  4. So the cage/shell holds up but the driver will be impaled by all the flying parts

  5. Uploaded over 10 years anniversary of YouTube. Who watches in 2015?

  6. can they show a video of it getting hit from the side please id love to see that smart car turn into a tuna can i cant believe they would even sell the fucking "smart" cars to the public.. if you buy one you and your dumb car can be dumb asses together forever

  7. That lady is a total moron. She says it’s got pretensioners and demonstrates it by pulling rapidly on the seat belt causing the belt limiter to activate and the she talks about force limiters and demonstrates it by gently pulling on the belt. It gives the totally wrong impression to the people about how those two systems work. Oh, sorry, I just realized it’s fifth gear. Their audience deserves to stay ignorant. Keep it up, not-topgear.

  8. auto crashes can be avoided with this APP ( in case of bad visibiliy, rain, snow, etc ):

  9. Smart ForDeath

  10. You know that painful situation when your good friend (who’s been a loser for a long time, incidentally) gets a beautiful woman to fall for him in like 3 weeks? Absolutely, that just materialized. I realize I ought to be happy however I want it to be me. He explained he used the Cupid Love System (Search for it in Google). I wish to disappear inside a cave at the moment…

  11. Im surprised its not completly flat after crashing into an unforgiving concrete wall

  12. you’re an evil man

  13. It’s not speed that kills. it’s stopping very fast – Paul Walker

  14. i’m not convinced. smash another ten or twenty…

  15. Uploaded 2005 🙂

  16. Look up Smart Car VS Semi

  17. Actually the old and new impala are roughly the same weight. There is about a 200lb difference which is pretty minimal.

  18. Now, Crash a Tahoe, Suburban, or Silverado like this, and everyone inside would survive

  19. no way will you get me in one of those suckers

  20. Hey, at least Smart could make some profit selling you a new pair of legs, they will be tiny and $12,000 though.

  21. Now make the block of cement travel 70 mph towards the smart car as the smart car travels that fast towards it.

  22. You crash say goodbye to your legs

  23. First car accident video on Youtube

  24. Car is not for america. Total joke. Death trap. Buy a vs muscle car. They barely wreck

  25. not as bad.. a truck is higher off the ground prolly be like a monster truck show down

  26. Did they crash it into a maybach?!

  27. This is one old YouTube video

  28. Agree. Such cars should never be used on roads that allow high speeds (anything over 30mph). Frankly, if society actually valued human life, smart cars would be perfectly safe because high speeds and large cars would not be permitted on roads within cities. Tens of thousands dead annually is not worth it to live further apart. But people will go on living in their fantasy world discounting the risk, overestimating their own skill and thinking it will only happen to someone else.

  29. /id937096976?mt=8

  30. Mean v8. Cars u never see wrecked barely. American muscle

  31. I always thought that a Smart Car would make a good Radio Controlled car, and it does 🙂

  32. We drive around in a range rover… so all we have to do after colliding with one is to turn on the windshield wipers…

  33. How about the legs, Sir !!

  34. Lutenete Dan, you got new legs!

  35. That was a waste of a Mersadese

  36. might as well be weairng a potato chip

  37. Not sure if I like the smart car… seems a bit scary

  38. in tunes =>

  39. The sound of the Smart crashing, is just bone-chilling…

  40. This reminds me of back to the future

  41. who’s watching in 2015?

  42. They did a remarkable job in designing the crumple zone. It held up rather well.

  43. It’s very interesting to see this crash at such a speed into that concrete wall.

  44. Your legs will be broken after a wreck at any speed in this thing

  45. YOUR ARE ALL FORGETTING AN IMPORTANT DETAIL THIS WAS AT 70 MPH!!! You would be dead in any vehicle in the world at that speed! On a side note any normal car even a high class BMW would be in worse shape that this car!!

  46. T cut

  47. Say goodbye to your legs.

  48. If that was a lifted truck, the body would have sheared off the frame and sliced the passengers in half, messily. North American market trucks are not built to the same collision standards as smarts or passenger sedans, they kill or maim their occupants. This was done deliberately to increase the profit margins on the vehicles, accompanied by political lobbying to make it possible. You are just higher up, in a rickety shell of plastic and barely bolted on sheet-metal, it’s just an illusion that you are safer. I’ve seen a Ford Fusion cut a GMC Yukon in half.

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