Smokies Porsche GT 2017 Vlog: Day 1- Prepping for the Trip

I decided to do videos of the Spring Trip to the mountains as a vlog rather than my normal tripod/GoPro format. I wanted to capture this amazing adventure from my point of view.

This is all of the prep that goes into getting the car, truck, and trailer ready for the 8 hour trip to Atlanta.

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Stay tuned for more crazy!

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  1. why’d you debadge your gt3?

  2. Great job with the vlog format. There’s something about seeing things from your point of view that makes the content that much better.

  3. Love the different format – nice change up and cool to see some of the details up close. Edit format also interesting. As always, nicely done. Ordered some stuff from your store – looking forward to getting it. Great work.

  4. Hey Matt! Ever thought of putting your trailer battery on a battery tender? So you don’t have to worry about it being dead. A company called "Battery Tender" makes a junior size one I keep on my jeep and it works great. It’s very small and it disconnects at one end so you’d only have to plug it straight in and not worry about the alligator clips!

  5. I missed it, what was the reasoning behind changing the wash and rinse colors?

  6. First 26 sec is black for some reason.

  7. When’s the 2J going in the S2000? 😂😂

  8. Don’t go too crazy with the vlog style, but seeing the cars up close helps people see how good the paint is. You often seem to set the camera far away to the point where we can’t see anything.

  9. I generally use TWO sprays total of the Griot’s leather scent and it’s strong. I was shocked to see you spray like 17! That must be quite pungent.

  10. I have seen the camera mounts with straps that you can put on your head to be 100% hands free I agree with everyone this style of vlogging is awesome but maybe a camera mount to strap onto your head that might help you out a little to do vlogging like this every now and again also with pov driving videos etc.

  11. Greetings from Brasil.

  12. I would love to get buckets like that

  13. That stainless steel(Correct me if im wrong) table top needs some dialing in….all those scratches man. smh.

  14. Why do you spray the interior car scent in only one spot?

  15. when your wife jealous of your car 😂

  16. this was a really great video. the pacing and editing was on point and felt like it had a lot of detail/commentary yet moved along nicely. 10/10 Matt

  17. I like the Vlog style!

  18. You really should cross the straps. The front straps basically don’t hold the car in position for side to side like so.

  19. I have got to step up to that wall mount Kranzle. Just watching the volume of water while your rinsing the wheels makes me want it bad. Love the 1122 but man that thing kicks butt. Then there is the shaving cream like foam….wow!!

  20. Hey Matt, where can I get that Incredibrush?

  21. 2:14 is that not the gyeon or just me? 😀

  22. lol there was a point while washing his wheels where he sounded like Mr R from Regular Car Reviews.

  23. My battery suggestion would be an Enersys Odyssey AGM. I literally buy them by the semi truck load for the industry I’m in. MIL-Spec, industrial, long life, and I’ve experienced zero manufacturing defects in the large sample size I’ve dealt with. On the straps, I cris-cross them. The benefit of it is additional longitudinal retainment. Example, your car is less likely to ‘skip’ to the side in the trailer when going over rough roads. I found this out while towing a ’69 Chevelle SS up to Ohio from Florida for the Goodguys Nationals. The car, over the course of a thousand or more miles moved to the driver side and the wheel of the car contacted the inner wheel well of the trailer and marred the lip of the wheel. From then on, it was cris-crossed straps for me. The car still made it into the Elite 8 of over 3,000 cars at the show. Judges were Troy Trepanier, Boyd Coddington, and some guy named Chip Foose.

  24. Matt , Did you applied any ceramic treatment on the paint ? Who do you get the water bidding so much ? Many thanks !

  25. That trailer setup man!! Goals!!

  26. Awesome new style of videos Matt, really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the first wash video on the S2000!

  27. What are the advantages of a trailer with ramps vs a trailer that uses the rear door as the ramp?

  28. Heck yeah! As always, spot on 10/10 content Matt!
    I’m absolutely loving the POV shots on the detailing!

  29. Heck yea buddy! Glad to see some new videos my friend:)

  30. Two videos! YAY!

  31. HOLY SHIT THE WINCH BROKE? did the car just roll back?

  32. Haha! "He needs to show everyone his car covered in foam for the billionth time!" 😵🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. 12:41 will that not make a stain?

  34. Nice, the water in foam cannon bottle technique

  35. Love how chill the videos are….but the cars are crazy 😍😍🤤🤤…..keep it up matt

  36. You gotta try fusso coat if you love beading/sheating!

  37. You’ll probably disagree but the only nice thing about black wheels is that they basically look the same clean or dirty.

  38. Such a sweet, SWEET setup

  39. Matt, You need to work on your waterless wash techniques.

  40. What kind of water bib is that for your buckets?

  41. This is goalssssss

  42. Awesome Matt !

  43. Love these videos. So cool to wind down on after a long day. Your technical knowledge is great and so interesting, as is all of your gizmos

  44. ….when wifey stole the camera……😂😂😂

  45. Nice job. I will spend my time as same after getting my miami blue 911 Turbo S Exclusive Design

  46. Do you sell the buckets and vinyls with the carrier and the top etc?

  47. Haha "Car in foam for the a millionth time"

  48. "I need that now" 😂😂😂

  49. Welcome back Matt!

  50. Haha your wifes comment cracked me up "they need to see the car bathed in foam for the bizzilionth time".

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