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  1. its funny when i rev my mustang others rev up theirs but when my friend revs their porsche no one revs back haha seriously thought i think this is a really good commercial personaly i like the caymen and the boxster

  2. I love new Targa 4S and 911 GTS !!! but it’s all my dreams :(((

  3. nothing else on earth sounds like the flat 6 of a Porsche.

  4. Awesome commercial

  5. they should have asked me to send some sound bytes of my 1984 924

  6. No

  7. What a waste of GAS!!

  8. The maiting call of the porsche 😀

  9. Don’t throw your money away… get a 911 if you want a porsche.

  10. although subtle i found pretty cool how they portrait the gt2 as a collectors car

  11. sounds like a old beattle!

  12. This is an awesome Porsche Commercial. Mine is 25 years old – do the same thing, this commercial comes to mind; it’s fun to rev up the engine – it sounds great! My son loved riding in the car too; he would ask in January – "dad, when are you getting out the Porsche?" There was a foot of snow on the ground, ice all over and he was 5 years old. He kept on asking, so we went out and removed the passenger seat and brought it into the house. That was his private special seat all winter. He loved it.

  13. Porsche: I can’t think of something epic to say, the style AND performance are both great!

  14. @TraustiGeir auto-correct *porsche

  15. Listen to this song with the commercial IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFES!!!!!!!


  16. @TraustiGeir i got lamborghini wrong once xD

  17. i wander how close to dinner time this ad is, it has a look of after dinner time about 8 45pm

  18. maybe ladies dont understand this but this engine sound is better than perfect orgasm for any men 😉

  19. 70 % of all build Porsche are still driving. And the first one was build 65 Years ago.

  20. @rammstein11004 if there is a will there is a way my friend..:) 🙂

  21. @nunojr07 in usa insurance is a must ,parking fee and taxes are ripped off, here in indonesia they double the car price cause of fucking taxes, but insurance is not required and parking is sometimes free, max is 50 cent, but that pays with the horrid traffic jam.. -_-‘

  22. the bloodlines are unmistakable! love this sentence!

  23. i dont like porsche but this ad is awesome


  25. Coool video

  26. Wow was the first word ! you too? XD

  27. @KPKaccountt what made porsche its badge and styling?

  28. wow.

  29. why the crap name cayenne? i dont see whats great about this add tho? nice sounds tho why does the 4×4 pig have the same name as the 911 look a like?

  30. ferrari sound is very better… 😛

  31. that GT2 at 0:40 is ferocious.

  32. @deepakgaba14 And I swore to myself I’d never get that name wrong…damn it!

  33. @deepakgaba14 We’re all human, I guess. 😉

  34. LOL- at 00:43, the radio chatter sounds like an airport ATC giving wind speed, wind direction and the field altimeter setting in "inches of mercury"…..

  35. A Carrera GT with bored pipes woulda been nice


  37. Porsche commercials are just awesome… this one is just tops it all.

  38. I was in Brazil not long ago and there were a lot of good cars, specially x6’s so I was amazed to find out that they cost like 300000 reales.

  39. nice license plates…

  40. Now what makes the cayenne a porche aside from its badge n styling ?

  41. @HUMC4L not

  42. Here in Brasil we dream with car, but it is too expenvive due to the taxes… Money that goes to the government, not for Porshe… About 50% !!! Can you believe ?? I`m going to live in USA !!!! lololololololol

  43. I NEVER see Porsche ads on TV, they probably don’t NEED to advertise because everyone already knows their AWESOME.

  44. @Marcus1aurelius1 Hahaha you dumb fucking douch bag….. If you could afford a bently you would buy a porsche. You deffenetly sound like a dumb fuck who is constantly masterbating, get some balls wanker.

  45. Porsche. One of my favorite car brands. Love the engine sounds.

  46. there is no substitute.

  47. uuuuuu can’t wait to get my 986 S :X

  48. It really is an amazing car inside and out. My mum is selling hers today though :(.

  49. It feels like the porsches were howling like a pack of wolves

  50. Damn that boxster sounded gr8!!!

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