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  1. Verry nice 🙂 Can you tell me please the Name of this Song??

  2. What engine is in this?

  3. What a car control nice video:-) 

  4. Nice !

  5. While most of you are crashing in winter, we’re doing this in Canada, at least we have a reason to be in the ditch lol

  6. Wow, very fine 😉

  7. Видео на тему "А куплю как я из-за границы старую надежную бэху!")
    Кроме ровных дорог асфальтовых и не видела она за десятки лет ничего)

  8. What kind of winter tires???

  9. Nice…

  10. LOL thats a Honda in 2:01

  11. jak bys leciał te 50 to by było cos. ale i tak dobrze

  12. Nice! Check out my snow drifting video 😉

  13. where is it?

  14. great video!

  15. with an snow… amazing skill! respect

  16. Why is drifting fun for you?

  17. kaia

  18. but cruzit it more tonto

  19. Pls make a new snow drifting video pls 🙂


  21. And??? (””ff””’)

  22. Молодцы ребята! Хоть дорогу немного почистили от снега, а то совсем замело там.

  23. Yes man. Skill: You got it 😀

  24. Best snowdrift video ever! 🙂

  25. класс)))

  26. great video except you decided to add some skrillex crap

  27. Very nice:)

  28. bmw forever, nice vid

  29. ASC off, FUN on!

  30. cool

  31. 1:17 steel balls 🙂

  32. saund ????

  33. beast

  34. nice song, nice drifting & cheerful guys!

  35. i fucking love doing this

  36. is it possible to do this with an e90 with open diff?

  37. znao sam da će da sleti

  38. Big LIKE!!!

  39. Go for rally

  40. fantastic video 🙂

  41. God damn you lizzards

  42. Ahhh, christmas is near 

  43. лайк заслужил!

  44. I can drift better then that

  45. insane and awesome wish I coulda seen the part where he hits the ditch though

  46. I like to drift and have a strong desire to learn to drift if I could make a video how to drift I’d be very grateful.

  47. Balls of steel! Great video!

  48. You’re awesome guys. Thank you for the show..

  49. Respect..!! 😀

  50. bullshit…

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