Son of fallen deputy tries to buy his dad’s squad car

His dad was killed in the line of duty. He wanted to buy his father’s squad car at a public auction, but failed — or so he thought.
Read more about this story, which will bring tears to your eyes:

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  1. did he just buy it for "60,000"?????? or was it 16?

  2. Cops are scabs !

  3. I admit! I cried 😭. Now shut up and leave me alone. *sniff*

  4. His brother didn’t seem happy lol

  5. Real man respect.

  6. Dude so Beautiful

  7. I looked up "NJ over clocked is my daddy" and this came up

  8. That was the realist shit i saw thus far…

  9. What a great man! There are still good people in our country!

  10. … BUT the real hero of the story is the thug who dropped the cop 🙂

  11. i love this video so much

  12. those People who did such a nicely things to the other… let the rest of us… thinking .. the world still a GoOD PLACE TO BE

  13. awww that’s awesome…i was about to cry with him.. shit. that was just.. you gotta love people sometimes.

  14. I’m not crying, no 😢

  15. That is so beautiful omg i can’t believe that. omg D;,

  16. ;( I’m no joke crying

  17. Give that son the $60k too

  18. $60000???????

  19. My goodness, may God bless them!!😇😇

  20. Im glad the kids daddy got slaughtered like a pig – lol

  21. can someone kill the onion cutting ninja

  22. What a wonderful man. Both of them.

  23. *immediately crashes

  24. that is so sweet

  25. Good shit.

  26. *happy crying*

  27. Very stupid

  28. that guy who bought him the car is so epic!!!!

  29. "So this is your Dad holding you when you were first born"
    I would think her son would have already known that :/

  30. Of course some thug has to be trigger happy

  31. amazing

  32. I cried though that

  33. Im sorry but that colour is ugly as fuck.

  34. I would’ve just given him the car

  35. Was that Nicholas Cage at 01.56?

  36. I have a very sexy strong body but this made my cry like a lil girl….

  37. 1,159 ignorant people should have been aborted for disliking such a good hearted thing. There is absolutely no reason to dislike this unless you’re a dumbass. Way to go man! You’re a real hero, even if it was to a single family. The value of your action teaches so much to those that aren’t blind. You the man.

  38. Påñīç! Åt thė Çhémîçäł Vëįłš Bøÿ

    i’m not crying you’re crying

  39. this is guy is a hero he knows he helps that son is very happy but the guy is our hero we thank him what he did and we bless this boy and bless his dad and this boy will be guide by god on his journey. god bless

  40. Damn onion ninjas attacked again, putting that stupid bowl beneath my nose.

  41. Dammit, someone get me some tissues

  42. Great stuff. Well done. The result— he gets his car. Who gives a shit except the outcome?

  43. boy dropped 60,000 for tanner . What a nice guy

  44. so basically they made the car’s price inflated by bidding against each other? only for him to give it to the deputy’s son?

  45. Holy fuck 60 grand?!

  46. This restores my faith in humanity

  47. should have been a crown vic

  48. This has to be set up. If not, the bidders are dumb as bricks. If the car was valued at 12K it would have auctioned for probably 10k but no more than 15-20. My guess would be that they set this up so the kid had the car before he walked in the door. Maybe the guy did buy it, but not for 60K. Good PR vid though

  49. I was once at an auction where a guy bid and them a guy started bidding against him and he was like stop bidding I’m buying it for u

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