The BMW R nineT, which has been created to mark “90 years of BMW Motorrad”, radiates purism and power in undisguised form. Enter the world of pure custom boxer riding on the new BMW R nineT. Experience all the aspects of PURE RIDING in this web special.

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  1. pengen tuku tp ra nduwe duit

  2. I’d stunt it and maybe run it for commuting

  3. Fake. Blitz bikes can’t do more than 20 without falling apart

  4. Schön.

  5. btw what BMW bike was that ?

  6. Cool video…it shows freedom…freedom in riding…wind on your face…

  7. Why in the fuck is that guy wearing a damn hair clip. Dude gtfo

  8. Jeeesus…. guys stop talking shit about freedom on a motorcycle, some of us have been doing this for along time but don have to try and be cool doing it…. just ride!!

  9. Company masturbation!

  10. French guy: "it’s simple" yet there are no more french motorcycles.

  11. awesome bikes !

  12. Nehogy eltörjön a váz,vagy leszakadjon a féktárcsa 😀

  13. Without offending these guys are 🐓’s

  14. Commercial BS, what a fake bunch of people. This aint no soulfuel

  15. Honestly? This clip is so far beyond real. It looks line bmw wants to jump on the beardy hipster custom cafe racer train. But in my opinion fails brutaly… i really want to see the blitz guys real opinion about that bmw. Custom made bikes are not to be built quickly in a couple of steps by unscrewing some numberplate… its horror to see the blitz guys beeing sold so cheap. And of course they must sit around a fire line to good old adventure hipster cliché… holy grale what a big failure. Sorry… i dont believe in that campaign.

  16. Ducati Scrambler vs Triumph Scrambler

  17. All the people who are raging about this being not an honest, emotional film about motorcycling: Of course its not! Its a film made by BMW to show off their new bike. Still nice to watch though.

  18. Play The Doberman by Kasabian 10 seconds into this video and put this one on mute. SO GOOD

  19. Love the ending.

  20. What’s the name of music starting at 0:50 please ?

  21. Voici un groupe consacré à la bmw r nine t

  22. holly shit ♡ this is a real monster ♡♡♡

  23. ride

  24. Brilliant

  25. I love my BMW R NineT ,    its a joy to ride;     have owned a BMW 650 Scarver,   BMW R1150R Rockster,  BMW Boxercup Replica and a BMW K1200R ;   should have kept the Boxercup Replica ; but the R NineT  is a epic .

  26. Copy of MotoGuzzi Griso 🙂

  27. People who love bikes that much as those guys say don’t have the money to buy a brand new bmw,and the people who do sit them in garages

  28. Ja, ja Hanz zis is Franz. Franz zis is Hanz. Ve are das cool kids, ja. Dies ist gut hipster marketing by BMW, ja.

  29. BMW R nine T France sur Facebook

  30. Still love the bike, I get what BMW is doing. Dang hipsters.

  31. What are those first three bikes?

  32. I think the marketing video is excellent, the setting is awesome and it very nearly made me decide on purchasing the R nine T which I also think is a great machine to ride just like the previous BMWs that I have owned, The R 90 T has real character and soul, ok so it is ugly just like most BMWs but that doesn’t matter when you are riding it. Sadly however having had so many issues with BMWs and the non existence of UK BMW customer services, I swore to myself I would never have another, which was a good choice as I now own 2 triumphs (Explorer and a Truxton R) which are 100% reliable and also great to ride, and my wife has just bought the T120, if only BMW really cared about their customers. but still a great video and well done to the designers.

  33. If I had seen this video first, I’d never have bought one! I’d have bought a Kipkawa Z1000S1 Eddie Lawson Replica like I could have. What a bunch of poseurs!

  34. They touch the bike like women touch clothes in a shop. What a fake! Can’t buy this crap from the very first note at the beginning… Nothing to do with soul fuel, but all with posing. And that bike is really ugly!

  35. Un groupe Facebook pour les passionnés de la R Nine T

  36. is this a Ray-Ban at 0.53?
    what model?

  37. having had a r nine t as a loan bike all I can say is they are okay for a short trip to the posers wine bar but are absolutely shite

  38. какой же кайф

  39. Qualcuno conosce la musica che inizia al minuto 1:40? Grazie

  40. fake people.

  41. Man, how I’d love to spend some days like that…

  42. get a bunch of guys who are pro builders, Pay them money and get them to have fake fun on camera.

  43. What bike is at 4:38?


  44. What brand is that green leather jacket that one of the guys is wearing?

  45. They are having fun, getting paid…and riding…why worry about whether it is fake…stifle the criticism and jealousy with your own adventures!  Love these bikes.

  46. if this wasn’t for giggles you should really sack the marketing wiz that scripted this! Mad Max meets man bun (x2!) haha … still buying one tho… but you could have kept the money for the vid in the pocket and made the bike cheaper, because it’s over priced

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