Stanford’s Robotic Audi TTS

Stanford’s latest robot car, an autonomous Audi TTS, will race to the top of Pikes Peak in 2010. Read more at http://www.botjunkie.com/2009/10/24/stanfords-new-robotic-audi-tts-knows-how-to-drift-will-tackle-pikes-peak-next-year/

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  1. @racekidishere you’re an idiot.

  2. @Octamed
    dude…youe right
    i feel like a idiot now
    good way to look at it
    but you never know….this may save so many lives and theyll start making laws that you need a auto car by law(im thinkin about america here…since i live in america) not that saving lives is a bad thing though

  3. Java is used for everything 🙂

  4. @lordjavathe3rd actually this stuff has been going on for a while. so, no it’s not fake.

  5. @manukottoo If you spend money on poor people, they will just eat, go home and make more poor people.

  6. Is it legal to drive a car without a driver?!

  7. @jaydavey9 the thing is though that ABS and stability control only mask what the car is actually capable of. They only emulate a good driver. You can drive on the very limit of traction and physics and have no idea that the car will loose it instantly at a point. People who can drive can feel enough in advance of what the car is doing to avoid pushing it to that limit. But yes, I can’t see anyone actually, you know, LEARNING how to drive any time soon, that’d be too hard 🙂

  8. @racekidishere

    tomorrow–driving is code…

  9. imagine you drive to the party, have fun, take some alcohol and later your car drives you back home without any risk to loose your license. OR. You arrived in the airport and your car already waits you outside. This is future! As a Java developer I’m very proud about this car use Java real time

  10. @smradlavaponozka So you don’t think the ecu’s in current cars are reliable? People also said smart cars couldn’t become popular because people would be afraid to drive those too. Despite that, progress happened.

  11. it’s like when horses were replaced by cars I’m sure some people said ‘But I love riding horses, cars are shit’. Guess what? You can still ride horses 🙂 Automatic cars are just going to stop fuckwits from killing innocent people. There will be plenty of ‘manual’ driving just like horse riding today.

  12. kiss that car goodbye, did anyone notice that fat jew to the left @ 0:25, hes there to make sure the gas combustion engine stays alive after all him and all his jew and arab brothren make money from gas. i cant believe i saw that! why cant they jus kill them selves.

  13. they should make shitty cars drive themselves not fun sport coupe

  14. CONTINUES !!!!!!!

  15. whats the point of this, robotic race cars? where the hells the fun in that and rice car drivers, the whole point of pikes peak.
    go play with rc cars stanford

  16. Laptop geekfest going on there in the desert – looks almost liek those Apple conferences.

  17. @327yellow if anything, in the future manual driving will be outlawed because of the same liability reasons 🙂

  18. @racekidishere
    And maybe deaths related to ‘driving fun’ are gone.

    Take your ‘fun’ driving to your local race track.

  19. @Octamed: This would only be apparent if someone learns to drive in a car that is semi automated with ABS and stability control and then attempts to drive a car that has no such safety features. So I see your point, but I think it is very minor considering these new laws in Australia means that eventually, all cars will have these minimum safety features. Insurance will eventually become higher for cars that do not have these built in safety features that will force people to drive safer cars.

  20. Good lord, I love the audi logo on the salt. Guys you are great.

    Now let´s see that audi doing some drifting =D

  21. is audi…no more for talking…audi the daddy of cars xddd

  22. audi sucks

  23. @Octamed I can guarantee you death does exist

  24. @Octamed
    i agree….that is pretty dangerous in australia
    i wouldnt mind haveing a self driving car as long as i could trun the selfdriving off though
    like if im taking a 7 hour trip then turning auto on
    but if i was just driving around town are trying to have a fun drive and turn auto off…i wouldnt mind having that
    and also another thing against this idea is
    because its technolegy its going to mess up
    it will mess up sooner or later no matter what

  25. there is no fun in a car that drives it self

  26. @manukottoo one day all this technology will help us to feed al the world, we just need to think forward..

  27. lol @ the fat guy

  28. @deusnovus Have you ever driven a Mercedes with the radar cruse control? Its extreamly fun! Put the car on cruse control at 125mph and do not break do not change lans do NOTHING as you aproach a 55mph semi. The car slows itself to the speed of the semi automaticaly and when you change lanes it speeds back up to 125mph till u get behind another slow driver. I would love nothing more then to have a car that can tailgate at 150-200mph by itself.

  29. Maybe I’m wrong, but at 1:31 shouldn’t the text read ‘the research continues,’ not ‘the research continuous’?

  30. "The research continuous"?

  31. @TheDrifterDanny almost for everything…thats why i’m asking…..

  32. Go Java!!

  33. @smradlavaponozka you said computers aren’t reliable, an ecu (engine control unit) is one of the most reliable parts of a car they don’t malfunction often at all and they are computers.

  34. sickkk part at 3:26

  35. @smradlavaponozka computers aren’t reliable? I remind you that you car is already controlled by computers, just not driven by them.

  36. At the beginning of this video we can see some java code instructions. Is this project really using Java language?

  37. Today,,,a bunch of fucktards are on the way to neverending stupity.

  38. nice video. STANFORD ROCKSSSS!!!!!!

  39. Love to DRIVE the TT-S myself?? Cool though…

  40. @Octamed
    id rather die at 50 having a great fun life
    then dieing at 100 staying inside being safe

  41. yes

  42. Unless one bloke decided he could service his own car and bodges it up :p

    I’d rather be in control thank you :p

  43. @852147369retard Costs too much for a one off prototype. Once the Proof of concept car works, I’m sure they will.

  44. Nice

  45. Keep the good work guys!

  46. @Octamed: Our road’s speed limits are created based on the category of road you are driving on not what your car physically is capable of. So unless you’re driving above the speed limit or the recommended speed limit approaching bends, you should never be any where near the ‘limit of traction and physics’ when driving your car. If you ever do, you must be driving in extreme weather conditions. But even then, the advice is to slow down and drive to the conditions, not your car’s performance.

  47. it’s fuckin boring – what’s the point to have a car and don’t drive it by yourself ?!
    stop doing this right now !!! it’s not fun you idiots !!!

  48. @327yellow I partially agree with you. They’ll probably have you sign a contract releasing them of that liability. The technology will be fairly new at first but later down the road autonomous cars will be more trusted than human drivers. That’s just a speculation that I have. A reference from the movie "I-robot" for instance. I vaguely remember a scene where the girl with Will Smith saying, "Hey! What are you doing? You cant control the car going this speed" blah blah etc

  49. @Octamed
    so it would really suck going 100mph or so then have it mess up and just spin out

  50. @racekidishere lol

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