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  1. Rowan … omg he talks so good. my childhood hero Mr.Bean😍

  2. lv ur act sir….u r awesome.

  3. ……………like me

  4. isn’t it a little bit weird when Mr.Bean talks? xD

  5. Mr. Bean is the best.

  6. Am i the only person who is still watching mr.bean episodes

  7. Love Rowan! <3

  8. He is aa best comedian in the world

  9. omg MR.Bean

  10. Truly the worst comedian ever on earth….. With stupid looks

  11. legend after Charlie Chaplin hit like if u agreeee

  12. Mr bean

  13. ayyyy its Mr Bean. what up

  14. He reminds me of Mr Bean

  15. who else is waiting for Johny English 3?

  16. Oh British English
    love it so much

  17. yes!! its Mr.bean but were is teddy πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚

  18. wooooow for tha firt time narinigko ung salita nia.

  19. Bean πŸ’•

  20. rowan should do a "transporter" remake lols

  21. mr.bean

  22. Nossa! Quem diria que o "mister Bean" teria uma voz tΓ£o sexy?!

  23. ford falcon small car no way a land yacht.


  25. I like the way he talks in real life and the way he acts in front of the camera. He has a talent to change personalities and I never expected that…

  26. love this mr bean

  27. king of acting

  28. i love his voice 😍

  29. Yappppiiieeeee!!! Mr. Bean on top. Whata lovely feeling.

  30. pitifull bet any 16 to 18 yr old boy who grew up in canada or usa and has license since age 16 would run rings around that tim e

  31. this guy (Rowan Atkinson) looks exactly like Mr. Bean.. lol if Mr. Bean sees this I’m sure he will be freaking out

  32. All those year after driving the green mini…

  33. He can speak?!!

  34. Rowan and Jose mourinho should manage England squad together. Rowan as Assistant manager

  35. my favourite

  36. amazing to mr Bean as a serious look make over. His look is so awesome.

  37. Mr. been ho.ho.ho.ha.ha.ha… great

  38. omg he looks like mr bean

  39. miss u mr bean 😒😒😒😒😒

  40. This is the first time ever I see this guy speaking!

  41. he did electrical engineering at Queens college, Oxford. of course he is well spoken and intelligent.

  42. mr bean

  43. when you are waiting for something funny to happen

  44. thank god for the recommended for showing him talk

  45. wait are you Mr. bean

  46. hi

  47. i can’t take him seriously

  48. you are icon sir….

    regards from India what a fabulous comic actor ever….

  49. Rowan is a class act in all he does !!

  50. his voice is damn

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