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  1. I wonder what layer height they used on the car, it looks like it’s literally 5+mm!

  2. The guy driving Chuck i think? look like Ryan Reynolds.

  3. bare lucky

  4. well, i don`t know. i think the only real thing for a printer is to recreate human bodyparts and organs. that would be great.

  5. Cool! Need to talk to the I-Car people at Apple Computer! Are you going to make a model powered by compressed air?  Hey dig this old digital computer patent 3190554 that computers with compressed air instead of electricity. Bet a 3D printer could make one quick.


  7. FYI, goto 4:10 to see them actually riding it.

  8. really looks ugly.(the car)

  9. Mały krok, wielka zmiana mentalności w pojmowaniu dostępności: od wyobraźni do efektu. Dziękuję za materiał filmowy. Jaro

  10. It’s not really a 3D printed car. Only some of the components are printed and then assembled. It’s an interesting idea.

  11. Hello just wanted to let you know that is a Wanhao Authorized Distributor. We carry a massive selection of filament, parts, and all Wanhao Printers, plus a learning center! Check us out today!

  12. I would have liked to see the car in real action, testing the handling, suspension, etc. Although this one looks like more of a proof of concept than car that is meant to be owned and used on a regular basis.

  13. Complete Piece of Shit. If there was a holiday where everyone Stares at Shit, This is the day. Looks like a Gay Marriage Chariot😂😂😂😂…..😐

  14. that is a amazing car you got there

  15. Hey bro. I decided to create a "Shoutout Sunday" series starting this coming Sunday. Just letting you know in case you are interested! Have a great day and keep it up!

  16. awesome. now you can trick cars with compartments for rockets and guns

  17. Haha 10k lmao

  18. Do you have contact info? Thanks and God Bless!

  19. This has the ability to make tons of more profit for the rich. Machines, unlike humans, don’t jump out of factory windows.

  20. u shold make a colfcart one

  21. But…is it safe?

    and would it be considered littering if you abandon it?

  22. ugly pos

  23. WHAT.

  24. Like wtf? Its slow as fuck

  25. But u cant 3d print a engine?

  26. can we print our dead family members?

  27. that is awesome

  28. I see self driving cars being produced this way to reduce cost and time..

  29. Has anyone done a lamborghini?

  30. What’s 3D printed in the car ? i assume only the frame and some plastic parts right ?

  31. this is gunis work

  32. "you wouldn’t download a car"

  33. take a look 3D printed plane for your printer flies very well

  34. The future of the car ?

  35. Very nice! It would be cool to be able to order any car from history, or one of your own design, and then get the parts delivered and assemble it at home.
    What a cool DIY project that would be!

  36. With a smaller printer, you could build parts that fit together like Legos. Glue and bolt to hold the pieces together!

  37. would be awesome to make a one of a kind car and customize it!

  38. Far too much talking in the beginning, show the damn thing already!

  39. I wonder if they can print another 3D printer lolol

  40. only the 5th first 3d printed car

  41. Can you print a boat and how much will cost

  42. print your own airplane…

  43. Roblox made real.

  44. But wouldn’t the engine melt the components?

  45. What are the safety implications of such a product?

  46. But one has to be an engineer to create exact dimensions of the parts and then assemble the parts lol

  47. Dammit, they downloaded a car!

  48. I seen this thing in person

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