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  1. If you have an older garage door opener that uses Intellicode I (regardless of whether "Series I or II"), and you have a newer (replacement?) remote that supports both Intellicode I and II, this won’t work.  Newer remotes have automatic dual-frequency searching between 315 and 390 MHz, but the Intellicode I opener only supports one frequency – 390 MHz.  The car seems to "prefer" 315 MHz and won’t detect/program for 390 MHz.
    Get a Genie ACSCTG Type 1/G2T, or Genie Gitr-3 Remote (on Amazon for $18).  NOTE – only the "single-dot" button on the remote can be used!
    Follow the Porsche directions to erase any old programming and program the desired car button using the "single-dot" button on this remote to program the car.  (Note – you don’t need to program this remote to your opener – this just lets the car know the program type.)  Then, follow the video from that point to program the opener to recognize the car and everything works!

  2. How to program your #garagedoors  

  3. the fact that you have a stranger’s garage door opener is… disturbing. I would return it, but i think you are being sarcastic, right?

  4. Thank you

  5. OMG! Thanks for the video. I have a 2011 Cayenne Turbo which basically has the Panamera interior and the manual says to hold the transmitter 12 inches from the buttons but it didn’t work The video shows him outside the vehicle so I did that and boom it worked! Thanks again!!!

  6. these instructions are for old garage door openers. Openers made 2011 or later require a homelink repeater kit to be compatible with Porsche vehicles

  7. Thanks for the video! The wife Panamera did not come with a user manual, this was exactly what i was looking for

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