Super Coupes Drag Race!: 2011 Ford Mustang GT vs 2011 BMW M3 Coupe

America’s M3, the Mustang GT 5.0, takes on the BMW M3 Coupe at the drag strip, but this time it’s the Bavarian in hostile territory…

Read the full story here: http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/coupes/1010_2011_2011_ford_mustang_gt_vs_2011_bmw_m3_comparison/index.html

Shot by: Gordon Green
Edited by: Gordon Green

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  1. ew the mustangs engines sound is disgusting

  2. Okay great. Whatever. Which car is more fun on a canyon road? That’s the drivers winner as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Mustang sounded so awful lmao

  4. the mustang is faster. but the bimmer is nicer. and more expensive

  5. Ive been awake all night watching videos and trying to decide to either buy a 2011 m3 e92 dct, or buy a 2013 mustang gt premium 6spd…. 😢 if i didnt already have the 335i and if the m3 was much more faster than the mustang it would have been a no brainer.. But i guess i have no choice but to go with the mustang… Plus the mustang is 23k and the m3 is 45k$

  6. Both great cars and do what they are meant to do very well. Had a 12 mustang GT and will soon have an M

  7. But can the Mustang take a corner?

  8. how about a half a mile. lets c which one wins…

  9. a proper drag race to see which car is faster should both be done on automatics…all car no driver error. but in this case…..ill take the 5.0 in a manual please, its just a raw badass car, ill take the bimmer when im older and past the midlife crisis.

  10. "fakest" racing I have ever seen BMW and Ford must have payed MT very well…. in one clip you can see the Stang hitting its break lights.. and in one clip the M3 is clearly pulling away but he probably hit his brake alittle too..  M///..

  11. hawt damn 0_0

  12. If you want to put all the cards on the table to truly compare the cars without bias, consider the following:

    – The Mustang is cheaper
    – The Mustang is more reliable
    – The Mustang is easier to repair
    – The Mustang is cheaper to repair
    – The Mustang isn’t trying to be a luxury sport
    – The Mustang is faster (by a hair) in a drag race

    – Yes, the BMW has a plush interior (this is subjective, I know)
    – Yes, the BMW has a tighter suspension
    – Yes, the BMW has loads of technology
    – Yes, the BMW is more of a status symbol

    They are two verrrrrrrry different cars, so it’s not an apples to apples comparison. Just watch the video, have a chuckle and move on with your life. Don’t get wrapped up in which car is "better" than the other. Some people like Ford, and some people like BMW, but the takeaway is that both groups like cars. It shouldn’t be a goddamn argument about which is "better" unless you’re some mental midget that thinks like a ten-year-old.

  13. Isnt this an american channel? No surprise that the mustang won then. Let some asians test it instead, so no one let their own countries car win.

  14. Well Razor we meet again PSYCH! Not gettin this bimmer

  15. Their both pretty good and pratically equal. I guess this is why Razor races his Mustang against your M3 in Nfsmw

  16. A miss shift on the M3 thats y the Mustang won, 4.0 against a 5.0 all muscle pretty sure more HP then the M3 and a tied like 10 times lol M3 ALL DAY!!!!

  17. raggy?

  18. Can someone help me decide if I should get either a 2011 335 or 2011 gt?????

  19. Mustang are more beautiful

  20. this is the most hurrendous clash of butt hurt eurocentrics and US car enthusiasts i’ve ever seen.


  22. 2011 Ford Mustang GT the best!!!

  23. I’m a Porsche fan. And I would buy the BMW over the mustang or any American muscle car any day. Its about the emotion and thrills of the ride. Not how fast it is in a straight line or how much horsepower there is….

  24. E92 M3 better then M4

  25. The the DCT would have beaten the the Mustang, faster smoother shifting

  26. Mustang GT is the best if not the most amazing and faster car than then the shitty over priced BMW M3.

  27. You should do the same, except using the 2016 models.

  28. 2:23 watch closely, the mustang hit the breakes

  29. I’m sure the guy who spent $20,000 on the Beamer feels great is in that moment 😂😂

  30. 70 pounds heavier and it still won

  31. it should be the mustang boss 302 vs e92 m3

  32. Used to be crazy about e92s. Even 335s. But at half the price these mustangs are such a better investment

  33. haha 2 meters more and m3 would win

  34. If you are buying a car for performance, you would be better off getting a shitbox from the 90’s modified inside than a modern car. Buyers care about price and cost more than performance, so a more pr friendly company wouldn’t give as big a shit about performance to looks. This is why the Challenger is still around. Shit inside, but looks neat.

  35. I’m sure mustang will win but it’s a fake vid mustang presses break

  36. The Mustang is best in launch i think🙄

  37. I beat both of these cars with my stock civic

  38. Omg hahahahahahaha lol these guys are so dumb lol the m3 lost because of the driver duh he or she just made q mistake

  39. Dude no offense but in the second try the dude in the m3 shifts are terrible I think I saw the car stall a little

  40. As dj khaled once said: another one

  41. mustang gt vs bmw 335i is more accurate

  42. Love mustangs 🙂

  43. It’s weird how the M3 catches up, but doesn’t pull away

  44. I’m a Porsche fan. But to be honest, the BMW would DESTROY the mustang in a proper track. Not some dumb drag race.

  45. Mustang hits brakes at 2:21???

  46. I saw the BMW win 2ice.

  47. I came to this video because a coworker of mine says the 3 Series is so much better than the 5.0? And I asked him how? Nobody buys a M3 because of the interior, if that was the case why not get a regular 3 Series? The M3 (of that year) fell short next to the 5.0 … even the Boss 302 Laguna Seca is cheaper and would outperform the M3 … the M3 is a cool looking car no lie but with the cost of a M3 you can buy a 5.0 upgrade the interior and still have money leftover to upgrade the performance …. my 2013 with a CAI, Exhaust, and Tune would destroy any bone stock M3 and I haven’t got anywhere near the price of a M3 …. give me 30K to mod a Stang there wouldn’t be a BMW that could do a thing with me

  48. hahahah so not true
    they serious!? 😂😂😂
    this video is such a lie
    also the track should be increased so we can see the top speed of the mustang😂😂

  49. rather have bimmer droptop, fuk mustang . sure its faster. but bimmer is nicer

  50. They tied so much that i was done with the video

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