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  1. I am thinking about getting a Cayman or a 911 in a year or so. How comfortable are the kids in the back seat?

  2. Congrats pal, I am a bit envy but I am sure you deserve this great car.. enjoy…

  3. those rims…😍😍

  4. Congrats! Are you going to install PPF to the car?

  5. Btw which dealership is this?

  6. wow what a beautiful porsche love the color inside and out

  7. Beautiful car , Great color combination and wheels …Enjoy !

  8. Hi there, I’m wondering if you were able to get a discount on your purchase as I’m trying to buy a 991.2 in canada as well, feel free to PM me if you don’t want to disclose publicly, thanks

  9. Grats!

  10. awesome car and awesome colour, congrats.

  11. Sweet ride!! Beautiful

  12. congrats! I purchased my first Porsche from John last year. Totally remember that awesome feeling when they pull back the cover at delivery. Hope you are enjoying it lots!
    I love the deviated red stitching but am wondering if one gets tired of the red seats? is it possible to get black seats and the rest the same?

  13. Congrats! Beautiful car.

  14. what color is this

  15. You have a beautiful family Sir. Thank you so much for sharing. You are so inspirational.

  16. Great color combo & wheel choice! Congrats!

  17. Good color

  18. Beautiful color, car. Congratulations. What a feeling,

  19. You couldn’t get one of the previous and last of the NA versions?

  20. Absolutely stunning! Congrats on the new 911. I love the wheels, color and red interior, well done.

  21. I really like those wheels

  22. Beautiful car and lovely family. Lucky guy

  23. It is correctly pronounced "PorscheA"…..

  24. Beautiful car- great taste with the wheels, model designation delete, and color choices!

  25. I never particularly cared for those wheels but they look really sharp with the gt silver metallic.

  26. Congratulations. I had the same experience at the same dealer for my C4 in April. Unfortunately my car won’t start and it’s been in the service for the last 2 weeks. They are waiting for the new module to arrive from Germany.

  27. +15 years: Daddy can I take your car out with my boy friend? BTW congrats, I’m considering an upgrade but I love my 997S lightweight.

  28. those girls are gonna have the seats and paint all [email protected]#$ked up in no time.

  29. very nice, anything you would change? or wish you’d had as an extra? As we know that extras list is long! 🙂

  30. Amazing car. Love the interior. Just say no to ghetto looking painted wheels and carbon fiber nonsense!

  31. Congrats, Looks very classy in that Color combination. Btw your daughters are adorable.

  32. Wow those wheels look way better than on the configurator

  33. congratulations dude,beautiful!

  34. love those wheels, congrats! I’m getting a used 997.2 soon. btw de-badged looks way better, too busy otherwise.

  35. Beautiful way to spend family time, lol. Congratulations and enjoy. That is my dream car, and one day I hope to put my two girls in the back seats of one too. lol.

  36. Congrats on the new 911😊😊
    Always a great experience when shared with the family.
    Looks gorgeous!
    Think you’re a Mississauga guy
    Maybe we’ll see you at a cars and coffee run😄

  37. Congrats man! If you work hard enough then this is your prize.

  38. Thank you so much for saying Porsche correctly, most Americans say PorschA and that is ear cancer. God bless you

  39. Congrats on the new car man! Looks amazing! Just test drove an 08 911 Carerra S (due to insanely ridiculous foreign car prices in Australia, it’s the most i’m willing to spend at 22 lol) and the driving experience blew me away! Can’t image now nice the 2017 is!

  40. congrats, she’s a beauty! porsches…the dilemma only begins after you purchase your first. what do you get next?

  41. Hermoso el nuevo porsche felicidades!!!

  42. That is a beautiful car. I hope I’ll own one someday!

  43. M8 lovely ride, just picked up my C4S manual if your around at the Toronto Shows let me know … go on Rennlist to check out the meets, or private message me ….. great purchase nice color !!!!

  44. Congras!!! Amazing!

  45. Congrats. Buying a new 911 is an accomplishment in life. 🙂

  46. Cute kids. Congrats! 👍🏻

  47. You have great taste. Gray with red interior, exactly how I would do.

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