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  1. $240 bucks? shaking down high school students ,Your high school is run by lowlife bottom feeding scum .

  2. "fast" and "quiet" don’t come to mind, but impressive for a HS student nonetheless.

  3. Still never studied lol and im in college

  4. pacific northwest innovation and ingenuity There Is Something In The Water. amazon, windows, sub pop, grunge, i moved away a year ago and have been stagnating generally evr since…if you’re there Stay There

  5. this is eerie to jeremy clarksons p45. but way better

  6. Cool, but I bet there are mad blind spots on that car.

  7. Lol is he trying to get beat up

  8. The reason we don’t have such small cars is due to "safety" regulations and all that stuff. If people were more responsible you could have more experimental stuff on the road. It’ll have to change some day, even in my area the traffic is getting silly with the amount of cars. They need alternative solutions of some sort!

  9. hi can you help me about the steering plan?

  10. Shame you can’t do this in the uk it’s illegal like most things lol

  11. I had a problem with the parking fees so I built a car that still needs to be parked…………Real smart guy here.

  12. ok firstly this is a trike XD not a car ffs haha

  13. i wish to make one of that car too i wish to see car’s plans 🙂

  14. do you still have to pay that 250$ parking fee?

  15. wow im kinda jealous now

  16. What a lucky guy to have the resources to do that kind of thing.

  17. The people on here who make negative comments or give thumbs down to this inventive and motivated lad are obviously just too thick and too lazy to appreciate just how clever and how driven he is. I’ll rephrase that in a language that you fuckwits will understand. Fuck You All you bunch of Wankers.

  18. ive also been looking at making one of this but ive needed inspiration and ive been looking at other designs such as the raht racer and etc so thanks for the design ideas

  19. very goog!! were are you from¿

  20. GOOD JOB
    on your next one,,,,, it might be a good idea to make the visibility from the drivers seat a lot better.
    its plain to see that you cant see much around you.
    glad to see a young man using his brain.
    keep up the good work.
    also I think that you will find that the BATTERIES are the real problem with electric cars,
    energy STORAGE is the main problem with SOLAR and WIND and vehicles,
    when some genius comes up with the solution to that,
    THEN and only then , will we be on our way to success,
    almost every battery improvement that we have made in BATTERY storage has come with a price of danger and fire and short life,
    pay close attention to CELL PHONE batteries and you will understand the real problem.

  21. electric car driving

  22. wants to save money on parking

    builds $2400 car

  23. I wonder how he made it legal for the road.

  24. I seriously hope he becomes an engineer & gets hired by an automobile company that listens to his ideas! Now, HOW do you back it up? It looks fun to drive. I’m not sold on the one rear wheel though.

  25. What would take other companies years to make, this kid can make it in 9 months!! It really is just amazing what people can do. And, it’s street legal! License plate, brake lights, etc. and it looks cool!

  26. I agree they need to start releasing these dame electric and futuristic cars

  27. Daddy didn’t help then.
    Daddies garage, welder, tools, etc etc

    Good build thou, I wish my dad had done good on me.

  28. "noone else is doing it" really ??? here’s the reason he spent time on this

  29. it’s louder than a fuel car, what r u talking about

  30. Nice car… But on summer? You will sweat like a pig XD bro, make some window in that canopy 😉 beautiful anyway!

  31. this shit isnt fast

  32. problem… charging that battery requires that energy to come from somewhere and most power is produced by burning Cole so while it may be cheap it’s worse for the environment than just using a car

  33. I would buy this if he sold it.

  34. *Parking costs $240* *Tries to save money* *Spends $2400 on car*

  35. Cool. electric car

  36. i need to partner manufacture electric car in INDIA pl. connect me at [email protected]! right noiw

  37. Probably working at Tesla now 🙂

  38. I hope this guy is working for Tesla now.

  39. The teenager sounds boring and without emotion

  40. I’d like to build my own electric car like the tesla roadster

    Just for the fun of it

  41. its cool

  42. it’s legally considered a motorcycle


  44. hope this kid doesn’t end up dead like the guy who made the car that runs on water .

  45. cool

  46. I’d have to know it’s capable speed before I’d call it a car. For example, of it topped out at under 50, it’s a street legal go kart. MPG in cars are calculated under certain speeds and conditions. I’d like to know the conditions for the 2 cents per mile. I think it’s cool regardless but any of us who design and build things, tailor our creations around research and knowledge. Details should be listed in the description.

  47. I like these wheels 🙂 looks gorgeos

  48. Excellent. He should post scans of that folder, and offer them for a feeI would totally pay for them.

  49. I really respect for his intelligence

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