Tesla Model S P85D vs Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Lamborghini Aventador race

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Ferrari and Lamborghini already had their go against my Tesla P85D. Now let’s see how a really fast Porsche fares against it.

The Tesla seems to launch way faster than most exotics when they aren’t using launch control. Nobody seems to want to use launch control, because it damages the clutch pretty badly. But I’m still curious to see whether a launch-controlled exotic car can beat the P85D at the jump.

So my next video would be of a rematch race between my Tesla against my Lamborghini Aventador (with launch control activated). For science!

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  1. Why lambo shift are so slow?

  2. Why was the Aventador shifting like a Lexus?

  3. 0:30 – 0:31 = Porsche looks like "a kid left behind" =d

  4. Now with ludicrous… I did mine and the biggest improvement i have notices is over 60mph/

  5. I wish this was a true test, oh well nice little video.

  6. Electric car will lose

  7. when you drive the 2 cars you will see which is a sports car….its not wright to test porsche with tesla…..
    acellaration its only for 0_60 ..
    after that?

  8. I’d still take the Tesla 😂

  9. Oh c’mon, just read the description, another marketing video for tesla…pppplease

  10. launch control damages the clutch pretty badly? porsche rates PDK for 3000 launches. if tesla isn’t endorsing you why say stuff like that in favor of the tesla? just to not be butthurt about losing?

  11. how that little brave guy died?

  12. Even fast in a creation

    Even fast acceleration #1 but the top speed is 250kmh

  13. this would make sense if the tesla was a "P90D with Ludicrous" but the porsche and aventador should’ve won against a P85D.

  14. Damn, that Porsche was holding it’s on against the Lambo. Seems like the Tesla is hitting an internal limiter. If someone can modify it’s programming, like people have been doing to gasoline engines for decades, they could probably unlock a lot of speed in the Tesla. But, that might let the Tesla fry itself.

  15. Go to Inplix if you’d like to build it yourself.

  16. That’s an 997, think those were listed as 3.2s 0-60. The TS is fast, but since it’s a Turbo it does need to spool a bit to get full power. Even for an NA not revving to launch takes many 1/10s off 0-60 time.

  17. Even fast in a creation

    Even fast acceleration #1 but the top speed is 250kmh

  18. A new ludicrous speed update has been added to the model s. A claimed 0-60 in 2.8 seconds & 1/4 mile in 10.9

  19. Take your Tesla and give Elon Musk a handjob in the back seat..

  20. I like tesla and the p85d will beat almost any car off the line but it has a low top speed compared to sports/super car and they will easily real the tesla in and pass them. Also the porsche can launch control all day long while the tesla’s battery will start to overheat and performance drop dramatically.

  21. I like Tesla but driver cheated. Normally Tesla never accelerates faster than 911 (also porsche didnot use launch control)

  22. No launch control on the porche? I call fake..

  23. Ok the race started at 00:08 seconds and the Porsche didn’t catch up to it til 00:17 seconds. Given that, the Porsche (without launch control) was NOT quicker to 60mph. The Tesla was quicker.

  24. Porsche be like: That’s all you have?

  25. Launch control ?

  26. it would be hilarious to watch all 3 race at the same time. the Tesla would just walk away from both of those race cars

  27. family sedan vs sports car

  28. My my is the 911 S fast, jheez!!!

  29. come on man the turbo s is staying even with the aventador without the launch control and when turbo s races with the tesla without launch control  , its like miles behind seriously ….u know turbo s is like 2.9 seconds o to 60 ….for the record ….
    thats what’s called publicity of tesla….

  30. Tesla is stupid car

  31. But Tesla will lose with Lamborghini aventador

  32. lol you say porsche 911 turbo s makes 3.9 s 0-60, but in launch control mode, no like in the video

  33. El tesla viene limitado por software la velocidad máxima y la de aceleración. No es justa la competición.

  34. After been out yesterday demodriving both the new tesla P90D and the new Porscheline, these are the weakest launches I have seen a 911 Turbo S ever done…

  35. Race a Tesla vs Ferrari or Lambo.

    Not a fair race:
    Porsche 911 Turbo S is just too fast.

  36. Complete bullshit the porsche wasn’t launched right, the tesla would be toast..

  37. The Tesla has a speed limit D:

  38. Bullshit. ….without launch control seriously ? How much paid you to make this video ?

  39. Wtf! 997 doesn’t have 560hp, it has 530; try it against 991, he fucks you up!

  40. Ok thats a 2009-10 997.2 with a manual gear box (the person isn’t a very good driver tbh), Now if this was a 2013 or newer 991 Turbo S with PDK (as it isnt an option anymore to have manual) the Porsche would have just crushed with Porsche claiming a 0-60 2.8s and irl test of 2.5s.

  41. Haha fuck off dude. The Porsche driver sucks. Didnt use Launch Control. Nothing can beat a 911 Turbo s

  42. This just goes to show how good the porsche PDK is, every shift it stayed alive until the longer gears

  43. Can you do test again with Tesla P90D[ludicrous mode].
    I’m really curious on the output of this race…

  44. Is that Porsche tuned? Because the 997 Turbo S has 530hp, not 560.

  45. I would love to see the Tesla P85D vs the Rimac Concept One. 🙂

  46. Laters Bitches!

  47. Electric cars are always #1 in acceleration.

  48. even the old turbo s can beat it, the new one will take a shit on it

  49. fuck your tesla, bitch

  50. Even though the tesla was crazy fast it was much more satisfying watching the turbo and aventador duke it out

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