Tesla Model S P85D vs. Porsche 911 Turbo

At Palm Beach International Raceway, check out a Tesla P85D vs. Porsche 911 Turbo — to read about the Tesla races, visit:

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  1. was not clear for me. 911 gets the win? I could not see the numbers.

  2. I hate to say it but I believe years from now ALL drag strips will be deserted!

  3. Who the fuck is Tesla?

  4. If they start evenly, the 991 911 Turbo S will pull at least 1 car length from standstill. Funny to see how Tesla get smoked even with much better RT lol. I guess 918 is the only car stock can launch as hard as a 991 Turbo S from 0.

  5. what was that ? a false start ? ?

  6. 1/4 mile times??

  7. gasoline guys are getting nervous. look at the videos of the tesla p90 in ludicrous mode. destroys everything lol

  8. Tesla is like a slingshot

  9. Tesla 11,7. Porsche 11,0

  10. Porsche pulled off the win here. Now it needs to pull a win on the p100d which I’m hoping it does. But that maybe wishful thinking. Tesla is still for faggots

  11. Tesla kills the shit Porsche car

  12. Looking at Tesla and it’s legion of fans i believe we petrolheads (gearheads, enthusiasts whatever) are a dying breed. Its a very sad thought to be honest. I love cars for a lot more reasons than how fast it gets off the line.

  13. I’m high !

  14. The Porsche was SO slow off the line. lol (missed the green)

  15. I’ll take both please and thank you.

  16. that’s Kye Kelly driving the Tesla !!!! cant yiu tell by that bad ass 60 foot lol?

  17. Silly Tesla fanboys are worse than GTR fanboys.

  18. Useless, even as a launch video, as the 911 driver was asleep. Again, useless.

  19. on every "tesla vs" video the tesla starts half a second ahead, why?

  20. 911 didn’t even use launch control

  21. No times in the description, no zoom on the times with the camera. Why even bother with this video? A waste!!

  22. Lazy ICE Porsche

  23. Wait which one won?

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