Tesla Model S P85D vs Porsche Panamera Turbo S drag race

The four-wheel drive Tesla Model S P85D pumps out 691bhp and will blast from 0-60mph in just 3.1 seconds… but how does it stack up against the beastly 562bhp Porsche Panamera Turbo S from 0-100mph and back again? Watch the video to find out!

Tesla Model S P85D review: http://bit.ly/1FDzDTq
Porsche Panamera Turbo S review: http://bit.ly/1B7xkFE

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  1. Nevermind ludicrous mode, I don’t even think he used launch control at all. He didn’t turn on insane mode which is already obsolete and still would have left the porsche at the line all day. It’s sad when nearly everyone in the comments knows how misleading and false this test was. It’s like a magazine rag racing one car in 1st gear while the other is in 2nd. Sure it would be a race, entirely misleading bs but you can call it a race.


  3. That Tesla had its throttle tickled for the first few feet of that race, the Porsche lead was deliberate.

  4. fake and gay

  5. german power 💪💪💪

  6. Panamera is NOT as fast as the Model S that was tested here. The driver did not properly engage the launch mode and the breaks were locked, which is why the Porsche was already 1.5 car lengths ahead before the Tesla even started moving. The driver even said that the Tesla didn’t have launch control, which is completely false.

  7. On the freeway the other day I came across a vegetarian driving a Tesla P90D. I was in my slower car of my 2 sports cars(porsche GT4) and we did a roll on at about 60 mph. My 385 hp GT4 was about 6 car lengths ahead of the tesla when I hit the brakes at 140mph lol. We pulled over at the next area and the Tesla owner couldn’t believe he was beat by a 385 hp gas GT4 lol. Moral of the story is only race a gas powered car in a Tesla only if you have 100% battery power and from a stand still. Gas engines will always rule the freeways and roll on starts. So, Tesla fanboys need to calm down with their "fastest car in the world" claims lol.

  8. It’s not the fastest, it’s the quickest…there is a difference

  9. Look the Tesla is faster, end of. Doesn’t mean anything other than….. the Tesla is faster.

  10. Porsche cock sucking shill.

  11. most boring race ever fk to much talking

  12. yup!

  13. Oh the tesla didn’t win? Better dislike the video then! Nah, it’s reality.

  14. WTF was that??? There is no way the Tesla doesn’t destroy that Porsche at least the few dozen meters from the start!

  15. Isn’t tesla 0-60 in 2.9 or something?

  16. This guy is the worst driver — come race my Tesla and we’ll see…

  17. who cares petrol car is,better i dont want i eletrick car 👎

  18. Boooooooollllllssshhhheeeeeeeeettt

  19. All bullshit. Tesla p90d is way quicker (my own experience)

  20. sorry to say, electric cars are just too boring…..lacks testosterone -Porsche panamera -the one and only all-in-one family car, -period!

  21. Probably the worst drag race ever. Christ. They base the numbers on a completely botched start by the Tesla driver. The Tesla plants its full torque in the asphalt right off the line, and EATS anything but perhaps a Aventador and Veyron the first 50-100m, so there is no way in hell a Panamera can keep up before they pass 180-200 km/h. The Panamera is an awesome car – it´s just no match for the Tesla in a straight line.

  22. Description be like: _The…Tesla Model S P85D…will blast from _*_0-60 in just 3.1 seconds_*_…_
    Video be like: _The…Tesla Model S P85D…will blast from _*_0-60 in just 3.6 seconds_*_…_
    Yeah, mate, you’re doing something entirely wrong.

  23. Very misleading! Firstly Porsche started earlier and secondly that’s not how tesla accelerates off the line, the torque is incomparable cause it’s available at 0rpm…electric car is the future, it’s here to stay. Sooner the monopoly of the giant car manufacturers stop the better is for us consumers. Get that you misleading piece of junk!!!

  24. Go The Porsche , Still Number 1.

  25. This driver suck , race my tesla and you’ll see who is the winner

  26. Porsche always wins, thats why I like it so much, its a car for the winners!

  27. this was a terrible drag race. the incompetent driver of the Tesla screwed up badly. they should have restarted. There are videos of the Tesla doing much better against a Lamborghini.

  28. Horribly unfair test! It’s simply cruel and shameful to continue to test Porsches against other terrestrial vehicles. Porsches are not mere cars and until some one finds the wherewithal and resources to pit them against some otherworldly means of transportation then these reviews are going to continue to be pointless and a waste of airspace.

  29. This video is BS. Skip to 3.22 to see the actual start of the race it is very close.

  30. [BOLSHEVIK]. He had his foot on the brake… In an electric car… And was sitting there _WATCHING_ the Porsche! Find a proper drag strip with a light tree next time! Oh, and STOMP the ever-lovin’ dog [STUFF] out of the accelerator in the Tesla!

  31. the tesla will out accelerate an aventador to 100

  32. Butthurt Tesla fan boys…

  33. Dont fuck with a turbo! Porsche builds cars, Tesla smartphones on wheels.


  35. Who let this retard do reviews. Subscribers better unsub. Fucking ridiculous

  36. Ouch, the brakes on the Tesla look pretty bad…

  37. WTF, the Porsche started before the fuckin Tesla??? O_o

  38. And all Tesla fanboys are mad… mad… the truth comes out. Tesla is only good in a drag race against two wheel drive competitors.

  39. So do you compare ceramic brakes vs stell brakes..? LOL

  40. So lame and fake that it hurts watching…you need to understand that the worst Tesla is better than every internal combustion engine vehicle.

    Btw, why is the commentator not in the tested car?

  41. This test is not correct :S Why would they give out something like this I wonder. I mean did they only get to launch the cars once before they were taken back? The hole test is faulter because they did it wrong.

  42. Auto Express once again fucks up a drag race, coming from somebody that likes Porsche more than Tesla.

  43. the Tesla p90d is faster than the p85d

  44. Dear Auto Express,

    this video is bullshit and I think I don’t have to explain why.

  45. lol at all the dumb tesla fanboys, porsche rules

  46. Gramps you are retarded as fuck get out of that Tesla you have no ideea how to drive it…

  47. E63 AMG s 4MATIC will eat both alive, it’s almost here Tesla cry babies

  48. the Tesla Model S P90D would win with its ludicrous mode and launch control.

  49. Try a P90D… A top of the range Panamera should be tested against a top of the range Model S

  50. So many butthurt tesla crybabies.

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