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  1. Lol after 150 meters, the BMW M5 is coming back like it’s from hell.

  2. Tesla is only good till 60 mph, over this "speed" its weak car. nothing for german autobahn

  3. That was baically a 0-110 race after that the M5 absolutely eats it

  4. The m5 lost some traction at the beginning due to rear tires spinning otherwise it will beat that electric toy easily. Wait for the new all wheel drive m5 and then rematch.

  5. 4 wheels vs 2 wheels…. It would be a outright shame if the 4 wheel drive would not win. A better question would. Which one is better on the racing track?

  6. it would be interesting what model it is exactly, 

  7. Which model is? P85? P85D?

  8. Have a real driver on the M5….that guy works for Tesla.

  9. Always had a deep respect for BMW, but now they look sooo last century ! TESLA is killing the loud, Internal-Combustion-Engine, and then kicking the smelly corpse.  –   Think Nokia and Apple ….. you know how the story goes.

  10. How would the P100d do??

  11. Tesla just has a quick start and thats all.

  12. Yeah the driver was bad in the BMW and did you see all the wheel smoke from the BMW?  He needed to do a burn-out first to warm up those tries and do a much better launch off the line and it would’ve been a completely different outcome!

  13. In many countries there is a speed limit (much higher then US) but it’s possible to drive as fast as you wish without massive consequences. So it does metter that it can do only 210kph.

  14. Tesla is the winner today, period! 

  15. BMW had a shitty driver

  16. When will the ///M cars just give up? Lol

  17. all this arguing and who actually has one. yup.

  18. Let’s see the model S P85D..

  19. audi quatro in the eighties was cooler lol but tessler is cool bmw boring as hell

  20. Tesla is spanking hellcats this shit is real but nobody believes haha

  21. Bullshit. The Tesla driver had a little bit of headstart. Im sure it would be draw if it was a fair race. But it doesent matter, even if the M5 is gonna be one horsehead behind in all drag races or not, I still prefer it. The sound, the looks, the engine, everything is what it should be to make me feel right at home.

  22. skyline r35 would eat them both 😀

  23. Telsa is one of the best cars out there, but that shit has no character.

  24. Rigged, launch them at the same time, or do a 60km/h start or something

  25. bmw better then tesla in 1 mile

  26. The m5 had a terrible launch.. every video of a tesla racing a gas powered car I’ve seen is biased

  27. tesla jump start? the m5 skywalked him

  28. I like Teslas, but they still have a long way to go until they can genuinely compete with German luxury sedans. If you take a typical example, such a BMW 535d, you can drive at an average speed of 125 MPH on German motorways (some bits are restricted to 82 MPH, whilst most bits are unrestricted and people with such cars generally drive at around 140-150 MPH) and still get 600 miles of range. If you tried to drive with a Tesla at 150 MPH, the engine would probably blow up, since you have a single gear, instead of the 6-8 gears you typically get on rivals. This means a Tesla is incredibly inefficient at high speeds approaching 130 MPH and can’t go any faster to preserve the engine (it probably revs close to 10000 RPM at this point). Consumer reports say that just driving the Tesla at typical US highway speeds (65-75 MPH), you’ll be lucky to get 200 miles of range out of it. If you increased your speed to 125 MPH, your range would drop even further, so that you could effectively drive for less than an hour before needing a full recharge, which might take hours depending on what kind of charger you can connect to at the point where you run out of juice. So, if your destination was 3 hours away at 125 MPH average speeds, the BMW could get you there in one go, taking only 3 hours with no need for breaks, whereas the Tesla could potentially take days to get there if you can’t find a supercharger (which are almost nonexistent in Europe at this point) or at the very least around 6-10 hours if you could find a supercharger at exactly the right spots and could get a full recharge in 1-2 hours. Taking the bus would probably be faster…

  29. after 100mph tesla are crap…..

  30. 725 BMW owners disliked)

  31. I’d like to see this test done with a Tesla P85D.

  32. Interesting that nobody ever compares the Tesla against it’s rivals on a race track. They’ve only ever compared through drag racing. How about the Tesla vs the M5 on Laguna Seca Raceway. Best lap time wins. Heck a BMW 3 series might beat it

  33. Try a rolling start. I saw Nick Murray’s M4 vs Tesla video and the M4 stood quite well against a P90D, no so much against an M5. So I reckon the M5 would give a better fight with a rolling start, not having to fight for traction.

  34. Duracell kicked in 

  35. Why wasn’t launch control used in the m5 ?

  36. which model is it ?

  37. Bmw ‘m5 – bull shit

  38. No wonder the rest of the world see’s US videos as lacking credibility with bullshit like this.

    From independent tests the Tesla doers better than even Tesla claim with 0-100mph coming at 10.4 seconds

    However the M5 is an absolute monster 0-100 at 7.8 seconds

    These cars are not even close in terms of acceleration.


  39. but bmw m5 will kick it ass after 60mph lol no chance for tesla , but i seen other videos when tesla won buggati and alpha gtr for 60 mph too lol

  40. If the track would be a little bit longer, the M5 would eat that tesla 😂

  41. the (suv type) model x is coming soon and a 2-door model s which looks gorgeous.

  42. He did not used lunch control at all on the bmw. Fake drag race. Retard.

  43. Gingerman!

  44. Tesla model S vs BMW I8 .. I think that´s fair enough

  45. Tesla is fast. I like the last design of the M5 better.

  46. I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but ummm the Tesla started before the M5. Just wanted to point that out

  47. bmw,all that noise and it lost lol

  48. Wows I didn’t know it was that fast

  49. bmw is not for jokes but for races yaaaaaaaa , the 60mph is not giving the story huh try after 60mph to be smoked from the bmw

  50. M5 mas made for track not for a stupid 0-60 race 😂 that F10 M5 will spank that shitty thing on the green hell

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