Test: BMW M5, Mercedes E 63 AMG und Porsche Panamera Turbo S [HD]

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Sportlimousinen im Test: Kann denn Leistung Sünde sein? Eher nicht, glaubt man den Vätern des neuen BMW M5. Die neue Hochleistungslimousine der Münchener schickt sich an, ihre Insassen mit 560 PS über den Asphalt zu katapultieren. Genug, um nach 4,1 Sekunden die 100-km/h-Marke zu durchbrechen. Erster Vergleich des neuen BMW M5 mit Mercedes E 63 AMG und Porsche Panamera Turbo S.

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  1. There must be RS6. Not Porsche Panamera.
    Panamera must be with: CLS AMG, RS7, or
    BMW Grand coupe.

  2. was habt ihr alle mit mercedes? heutzutage fährt doch jeder gemüsehändler nen amg lol

  3. actually I am eco conscious, and rather have a fuel saver diesel than petrol guzzler.
    and its not just the ticket, also they’ll send u to court if you speed often which may result in losing your license even prison. think about it buzz.

  4. God, do you work a Green Peace or something?
    You think a 2 ton BMW M5 is build for racing?
    And speeding tickets, for one many cars warn you for speed cameras, and two if you can afford any of these cars do you really think you can’t pay the 500 euros for a speeding ticket?

    Such a pussy…

  5. alter was bist du den für ein perfektionist regst dich auf wegen 0.1 sekunde

  6. yes yes u think so inj ur lil dumb mind and stop posting me shit im not interested i know the truth im happy whit that

  7. Laut Werksangaben kommt der Porsche Panamera Turbo S in 3,8 Sekunden von 0-100 km/h und nicht in 3,7 Sekunden, wie es hier im Video gesagt wird… ( 1:29 )

  8. ich liebe 330d and pussy


  10. porsche FTW

  11. ///AMG

  12. Panamera Turbo S not this level

  13. Nope.

  14. thats why BMW M5 is best for 30 years

  15. guys, look around….and you will find non-german sport cars))))

  16. I don’t understand a word in German, but for some reason I watched the entire video

  17. Der E 63 AMG 557PS ist schneller auf 300kmh (bzw. 307kmh) als der M5 560PS

  18. All i read is
    Fag Fag Fag

  19. :))) yeah it’s best?? but why all the rs6( c4 c5) kick ass m5 ( e39 e60) ??

  20. I like the blue one

  21. Mpower FOREVER !!!,

  22. The 535d isn’t //M.

  23. Get that fucking mercedes jew hauler out of here that thing is garbage

  24. its //M versus ///AMG

  25. Mercedes FTW!!!

  26. BMW m5 <3

  27. In english??

  28. you should drive one and see. even a 320d is a joy to drive, lots of power.

  29. Impressionante como a Mercedes tem mais sensibilidade no que se diz respeito a detalhes de esportividade em relação a BMW. Um exemplo? O volante achatado na base, algo que a BMW não tem. O volante é redondo.

  30. M series, AMG and R models are built for racing, they’re too powerful for normal streets you may end up paying more speeding tickets.

  31. Sure… a 3-series diesel…

  32. lol audi is so pathetick they used porche in this video XD

  33. bmw

  34. The Panamera Turbo S costs almost twice as much as the M5, not really a fair. Take the Panamera S if you want to compare them with the AMG and M.

  35. AWD 5.2L V10 biturbo vs RWD 5.0L V10 really oh yeah evryone can be good in a drag race whit biturbo and biger engine and AWD thats how audi only can do

  36. All I hear is
    Hitler hitler hitler

  37. really? a 330d will blow you and (your mother) to hell so you can’t come back.

  38. You know what your right, from now on, if someone asks me: "Would you like a BMW M3?", I will say: "No, I would much rather like a 3-series diesel, because that’s waaaaaaaay more exciting!"

  39. He didn’t say it was

  40. but you can equip it with a ///M-sportpackage

  41. ///M Perfomance is the best!!

  42. Fuck… I don’t speak german…

  43. ///Amg Muthu fuckah

  44. wo war jetzt bitte der test?

  45. A 330d is about as exciting as getting a lap dance from your mother…

  46. M5 for the win

  47. In case my choice M5.
    If 4 door coupe: CLS 63 AMG

  48. If you don’t like "petrol guzzler", why do you want these videos?

  49. i would take the M5, best looking + nicest interior.

  50. you are so pathetic , when the new rs6 will appear will see then who will be pathetic :))) rs power , and panamera better than m5 …. can;t compare porsche with bmw

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