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  1. I Love These Practical Reviews 😀 When it comes to these kind of cars, Performance figures are "irreverent" because they’re obviously fast vehicles, but it’s about how they work in the real world 🙂

  2. Excellent review- I’ve been searching for a good review on the Panamera Turbo so many thanks! Interesting you mentioned the door stop mechanism. Toyota does it with the rear doors on the Rav4 to prevent kids from slamming the door on themselves. Toyota marketed the Rav4 primarily to women with kids in Japan so it makes some sense. Keep up the great work!

  3. Beautiful interior but exterior is really ugly. The back is just plain ugly. I’m sure the car is a blast to drive though.

  4. Thanks Sweetford4x4. It really is an unbelievable car. It’s gonna be pretty hard to top this one. If I had the $$$, I would seriously consider this as an everyday driver. Oh and my daughter really did love it.

  5. Beautiful.  Lucky enough to ride in one.  Road nice except for speed bumps.  Was hoping the driver would punch the engine, but no, didn’t happen.

  6. It’s such a good car but it only has one problem… IT’S SO FUCKING UGLY! Just make it grancoupe like the Fisker Karma and the aston martin Rapide! but not this strange hatchback-shootingbrake thing with a roof line that’s bound on random places downwards!

  7. Nice car and great review.  Your Daughter thought it was pretty quiet too.  

  8. Finally somebody says liters per 100km… I’m pretty much fed up with MPG when north americans are making videos about cars and specs.

  9. ok that door stop thing is one of the best features i’ve ever seen

  10. i like his last comment

  11. the itsy bitsy spider

  12. very good review

  13. Somebody needs to explain this to me, why do people in the US want cars with 500+ HP?
    In germany i’d understand it, but why when you can’t go over 80mph? Is it just for the sake oft having it…?

  14. Great review! Subscribed 🙂

  15. Good review, but come on: a little spirited 0-60 wouldn’t land you in jail. It’s a Porsche man, get on it a bit

  16. It’s a matter of having lot of money, I would put money on mb S63 AMG

  17. Nice review.
    This is the next car on my hit list. I sort of wish you would have sat in the back seat and shown how much room there was back there. I’m specifically looking for long wheel base nice hp vehicles so this along with the Audi RS7 is at the top of my list. Of course if Lexus ever comes out with their long wheelbase LS 460 vehicle with 500 horsepower I’ll consider that

  18. The ultimate family car that costs more than the house.

  19. Cant you say me the name of that residencial that you did that video? I like it!!!!!! and that video was perfect!!

  20. I drive the Panamera Turbo S and I don’t consider myself a Bastard Daniel I just consider myself Damn lucky! I drive a "triple" Black edition and his name is Darth Vader…and he is. Work hard…have fun later! I’m 67 and have had my hands on a few wheels in my life and Porsche is my Apex. God Bless you 

  21. Just one question – why on earth would you want to ride in the back 🙂

  22. is it me or does the panamera look like the test track ride in epcot… ?  the back seat i mean 

  23. Another great review!

  24. Do you have any idea how much the insurance will be for a 65 year old with a clean record?

  25. Kind of sad that Porsche has to do the catch-up, that they are stuck in the old gasoline school… Tesla has strongly taken the 21. century lead….   ( Apple ate Nokia´s lunch… Tesla will most likely eat Porsche´s lunch….!?!)

  26. My dream car hands down. Every time I see someone driving it im like, you rich bastard- _-

  27. Great channel here, you definitely gained a new fan!

  28. Very nice Mr Chow. I almost want to go out and get one.

  29. Amazing review !! That mountain drive was nice i live in Ontario can you tell me where the mountains are located thanks !!

  30. I loved this review. You have a new subscriber. Just one question, what area of Ontario was this in. I live in Ottawa, Ontario and still have not seen one of the new Panameras.

  31. What’s up with 4:22, "unless you put your foot into it" … and you get taken over by an SUV 🙂

  32. I will definitely buy it..but in my next more fortunate life.

  33. Nice review!

  34. nice job man well done review

  35. Nice review. Have you tried the MB S550? If you have, which one is nicer overall in general ( say the panamera S). Thanks.

  36. Nice car but I’d take a Tesla P90d over this any day. Faster, safer, more storage, cheaper, better looking and no oil required!!

  37. Love Brian’s reviews. His honesty. But, this time I have to disagree about how it’s better to have "more buttons". The more buttons the harder it is to find while driving suddenly. Which makes a dial a great idea IMHO. Or better yet to put the display screen behind the steering wheel next to the tach or spedo…

    Then there’s the "practicality" aspect. For ME, i’ve never understood the benefit of a sedan (vs a SUV or vs. sports car). For me in an ideal world ($$$$$$) I’d have a Land Rover Discoov and a Porsche 911 C2S or C4s Cabrio or my dream car…the Ferrari 488: SUV (everyday driver) sports car (weekend/evening drives).

    Keep the videos coming!! Like he hear your opinion on the Ferrari 488 GTB.

  38. hows the confort in that shit?

  39. This car or mercedes s65amg ?

  40. Toronto for the win 😉

    Nice review my man, Vernon is beautiful!

  41. How much is this

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