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  1. The vast majority of the produced hydrogen comes from fossil fuel, not water. And to generate hydrogen gas from water by electrolysis for instance, you need energy which is expensive.

    Finally, I suggest that you apply your own advise and do some more research (or maybe simply watch the video) because that car does not produce it’s own hydrogen at all. It has a 45 gallon tank which needs to be filled with liquid hydrogen which eventually leaks out if unused.

  2. what the bloody quality is this

  3. illuminati-bullshit resolution! ~jks

    Apparently you could drink the condensed water vapor. Moreover, if there were a generator of hydrogen in cities => amazing. Now all that remains is to genetically engineer plants to be white (instead of green), to reflect light so planet can cool for ~50 years.

  4. We want? I’m sorry, but the world isn’t americia, Also no one can control hydrogen, it’s the most abundant element in the world.

  5. except for wind solar and water.

  6. I don’t get it. It is clear from the beginning of the video that it burns both gasoline and hydrogen. So I’m not sure of what you mean by a ”lot of faking involved”. It has never been claimed that this is a 100% hydrogen-only car as far as I know.

  7. 14 years to go. Let’s say it’s still 20+ since I live in a third world country 🙁

  8. So why is it not in production yet? AFTER 6 YEARS ?!?

  9. tesla is going to produce lots os milions of theyr cars…. u know what it means?? If they are not shot dead so there is comeing that moment when they will say THERE IS NO MORE FUER FOR U PEOPLE. They sold us the part from whitch they wanted to gain lots of money.

  10. I’ve got a team assembled that is attempting to build a conversion kit for current gas powered vehicles. Check it out:

  11. Corrupted system stole the idea of hydrogen car and now they gonna sell it in 100 times higher price then gasoline car. 

  12. The car producers need to much evidence and proof for every little bit of progress in the inviromental technology! In Norway ( more specific oslo we only have two hydrogen busses even thoug we know that this is really super progress for our inviorment.

  13. the guy on the right looks like a skinny wings LOL

  14. Cooh! Everyone is all cock a hoop to turn the Earths oxygen into water… What happens when the oxygen is gone? It’s not like CO2 which is recycled by plant life.

  15. I just was talking to a friend that was working at BMW. He said that this 7 series hydrogen car was not 100% hydrogen, and in fake there was a lot of faking involved. Of course I have not been able to confirm this either way.

  16. ummm no not a fair thing to say …… The demand is not there enough plus the high cost of producing them makes them expensive . Average everyday people just cant afford them in my opinion .

  17. Great stuff. Hurray for the alternative fuels.

  18. ur stupid theres solar energy, wind turbine, and also if your near a river a water wheel

  19. This is the future !

  20. well couldn’t you build it in the car so you only have to use water and hook up a battery in the water and then you would get air from the positivist port and hydrogen from the negative port and when they exit the car they mix so the hydrogen docent mix with unwanted atoms.

  21. Ireland for one does the same as the UK

  22. How many horse power deos this V12 Hydrogen engine preduce ?

  23. Are all BMW drivers this bad, arm resting on door, one had driving, rarely looking in the mirror?
    I think other manufacturers will beat them to market.

  24. Because such a car is senseless without a hydrogen infrastructure. And there will be probably no such infrastructure for a long time. Beside all other difficulties: If you want it for a clean environment, you have to produce the hydrogen from clean electricity. Do we really have an excess of clean electricity? And you would need a lot of electricity, at least five times more than for comparable electric cars.

  25. dad*

  26. The problem isn’t so much that hydrogen is hard to produce but rather that it is expensive. Storage is also problematic in the case of a car like this one.

  27. my dads work builds hydrogen fuel cells for gmc

  28. He is doing a product demenstration while driving .

  29. RIP Stan Meyer never got to see his invention get to here..

  30. 20yrs my ass .. you can make hydrogen in your backyard!

  31. if I heave allredy a 7 series gasoline from 2006 can I upgrade the car to H2 ? I think 20 yars is very long time to wait for the hidrogen pomp to appare in the gas stations. Maybe i can buy a system from an autorized dealer to make my own H2 ??

  32. its the grave….you need hydride in the tank..

  33. The UK is one of the few countries in Europe that have right hand side cars.

  34. Yep, that’s right. English isn’t my first language. Nitrous oxide is N2O. Thanks for pointing it out.

  35. 20 years? are you kidding me? this technology is avaliable since yesterday! why wait 20 years?…greedy rich assholes!

  36. Nuclear fusion!

  37. Oil has a lot of uses, they wont complain much.

  38. Malta and Cyprus I believe.

  39. i think if one country would have the biggest hydrogen industry it should be a responsible country.

  40. 5:06 to get to the driving.

  41. Strange. The fact that the cars expel the water vapor seems very inefficient. When one passes an electric current through hydrogen oxide, hydrogen is produced. When one burns hydrogen gas, hydrogen oxide is produced. Would it not be more sensible to have a tank of hydrogen gas, and a tank of hydrogen oxide with an electric current being passed through it? The hydrogen oxide being produced from the hydrogen gas would drain in to there. The fuel creation could be done within the car itself.

  42. I’d just like to say one thing to say. HINDENBURG!

  43. This is a total SCAM – they want to control the hydrogen and make you pay the same as the gasoline we haven’t needed for about 50 years now.  Youtube search "Project Nsearch" and watch our welcome aboard video.  It shows a corvette running on hydrogen you make at home with solar!  BMW is suppressing the truth!

  44. Ur stupid. You have to make the electricity to make the hydrogen too. Its not FREE energy, there is NO free energy.

  45. or 40 ppl who dong give a fuck, before oil is out the oil bilionares will be working in hydrogen industry or something else, it sure will never be solar or wind, that doesnt make money for them, nobody is going to invest there

  46. 20 years? thats BS you can literally put solar panels on your house, hook them up to your own DIY hydrogen generator to make you the fuel, store the hydrogen in a special tank and convert your current car to run on hydrogen so you can fill up at home. But no, these idiots want you to buy a new car and sell you the hydrogen just like gasoline so you can go back to being sheep and pour you hard earn money into their pockets even if that money is nothing but a big ponzi scheme created by banks.

  47. Well, a hydrogen internal combustion engine does produce nitrous oxides (NOx) so the water could be acidic.

  48. the fuel cells are very expensive at the moment (an extra $100,000) and also there are very few places on the planet that supply hydrogen

  49. Great Video

  50. how is hydrogen expensive when it comes from water? the fact is that it is made on demand so there is no storage of hydrogen sounds to me like you need to do some more research before you open ur internet mouth 😀

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