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  1. No it wouldn’t

  2. what about stray dogs and cats running in the streets

  3. I live in California near Google HQ and I see it driving around on the freeway every so often.

  4. gugle ? wtf lawl

  5. Ooooooooooooor….self driving public transportation!

  6. this is crazy not only because of the technology, but also because in the movie I Robot, they predicted we would have self driving cars in 2035. In another 25 years maybe it will be economically feasible for most people to have them. that would be pretty sweet if they were within like ten years of that even.

  7. These cars are cool but they wont ever be the norm on the.streets unless they will sale at a regular car price

  8. What was the point of that comment? Smh.

  9. How is it surprising that Google made this?

  10. Probably, but all the censors and mechanics(things that control steering and stuff) would have to be rigged in. Along with the computer with software.

  11. Pardon, i have to correct you:
    Chuck Norris is driving everyone cars without let us know this

  12. oooooor public transportation

  13. Thank God! I don’t want this now… but when I’m 85…

  14. My car drives with no hands too! i only have to use my knees!

  15. thats rubbish

  16. Let’s see what it will do on black ice.

  17. Can this work on any car?

  18. "anytime soon" you dipshit retard

  19. listen to what she says at around 2:35, more than the first few words.

  20. Cant wait

  21. Joe Rogan Podcast!!

  22. google the internet company?
    Kill yourself bitch!

  23. what happens if a driver passes out? humans can crash just like computers crash

  24. Chuck Norris Doesnt even need this car to drive without hand…

  25. Cars of the future will be small entertainment centers where people just set a destination and watch a movie, surf the web, or take a nap.

  26. Wait a second… this was released in 2010 and I’m JUST NOW hearing about it?!?!?!

  27. lol this was 6 years ago

  28. Can this work on any car/truck?

  29. screw you google. thanks a lot for ruining the car.

  30. Designated driver 😀

  31. Look ma no hands!

  32. Since a computer can be much quicker than you to notice it’s environments it should have even better responses than you do.

  33. Chuck Norris doesnt can go where he wants when he wants

  34. shit! just got real. call John Connor , nowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

  35. That would make the kitt car in real life awesome

  36. "It must have thought…." I love how the google employee uses "thought" in referencing the computer just like we regular old people do.

  37. "A sophisticated combination of hardware and software that could revolutionize the feasibility of a self-driving car"
    "All of that would be great things"
    Best parts

  38. spikes come out of the tires…

  39. yeah. that’s true. Computers have way faster responses than human brain.That’s a fact

  40. I can’t wait for this cars, i hate driving in cities when there is lots of traffic. Hopefully the first ones are out by 2017.

  41. I can see it no crack deal ploting there day to sell there shit

  42. Yes finally a car that lets you text while driving 😀

  43. Best comment of the bunch

  44. No views?

  45. Ok

  46. in a RV you could go in back and take a crap or a shower, even fix lunch LOL

  47. Couldn’t think of anything worse .Bunch of lazy good for nothing bloody drivers..

  48. If all cars are self driving the auto insurance companies will make tons of profits. So, I hoping these huge companies will see this and help Google make this happen.

  49. after doesnt….. need a car he …… before can

  50. Train by day, Joe Rogan Podcast by night, all day!!

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