test it! – Porsche Panamera V6 | drive it

The Panamera with the smallest available engine still packs a punch!At Porsche it’s a bit of a tradition to put the most powerful engine possible into the new model on the market. But this car isn’t bad either. With a 3.6 liter engine and optional double-clutch PDK transmission, the car shoots from zero to 100 in just over six seconds. New on board is an automatic start-stop function which improves fuel consumption.

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  1. Vanessa Mae soundtrack? hmm…

  2. airbag light???

  3. same 0-60 as my 12 max

  4. looks like the ‘test’ driver spent more time eating pies than testing so no wonder they fitted ceramic brakes with the extra weight!!

  5. lol .. a fat man driving a car. i just have to laugh.

  6. @kandabelhart don’t underestimate this car lol, i just had the opportunity to drive it for a day, and it drives like an s model, i couldn’t imagine the turbo s

  7. siktigimin pis domuzu

  8. whats the music here who is performing its good!

  9. I will say for the price your paying Porsche needs to increase the HP on all Panameras, the V6 should have a turbo option 400hp, the S should be 475hp, GTS 500hp and the turbo should be 600hp!!

  10. If a fat man fits, Deniss Rodman too!!! Jajaj poor guy! For me with this Driver test demonstates me that this porshe is bigger enough also im gonna call it santas car!! Renos per hour jiji

  11. This car is very suitable for families, so I think it is definitely the right decison to produce it!

  12. @kandabelhart Haha indeed

  13. @urdead747 the music is called "classical gas"

  14. Poor old mark

  15. Why would you get ceramic brakes on the V6, that $9k could go toward the $15k to move up to the S with a V8 and 400hp!

  16. The GTS is the best value!

  17. @kandabelhart Lol!

  18. 8000 euros for changing brakes….. wow, thats why im going for the new Corvette>D

  19. sexy ride

  20. The coupe is going to be very nice specially if they keep the Aston Martin looking rear end!

  21. What’s the music’s name at 2:50?

  22. Cracking car like that and they decide we want to hear all voice and music give me a break !!

  23. OUCH!!!!!

  24. We wan hear car’s enging NOT YOUR UGLY MUSIC!

  25. @nadzorka2929 Demo / press car – they want to make a good impression in their entry model

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