Testing the BMW i3 Electric Car

Will’s on a quest to to find a new car, and is considering an all-electric vehicle. This week, he test drives the BMW i3, a unique hatchback that can run for 80 miles on a full charge. We take the i3 on the freeway, on San Francisco’s steepest hill, and test its self-parking feature.

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  1. Barbarossa e cionpingpong ne capiscono meno di zero di auto. Sparano un sacco di banalità e sputano sentenze senza cognizione di causa. Però ,da bravi americani, si preoccupano di non superare i limiti di velocità da bicicletta degli USA. Non è un test drive ma una conversazione tra due tizi che qui da noi, nel nostro traffico urbano, non farebbero cento metri senza causare un ingorgo apocalittico. Vieni a guidare a Napoli o a Roma e poi me lo racconti.

  2. for 30000 and 40000 i can make super electric car .Fuck you BMW

  3. BTW that was a Challenger and I’m British

  4. 80-100 miles not 70 miles and it ads 12 miles in pro and 12miles more in pro plus mode.

  5. The Asian guy always acts like a scared little rabbit! Nerdville revisited!

  6. that was challenger, and not charger


  8. Call me when Electric Cars have 300 mile range after a full charge.

  9. What the fuck?! You can’t get a Nissan Leaf here in Australia! Bloody Australia and it’s stupid bureaucratic red tape

  10. irritating the argument between the front seat ok’s made me change the program

  11. I, for one sadly purchased an I3 and it gave me so many issues…, I thank the lord I was able to sell it before the warranty expired.

    Dear ALL,
    Please STAY AWAY from this car I wasted time and money.i will soon create a video on why you shouldn’t buy this car

  12. quant, salt water electric car

  13. You drop something at 3:54.

  14. My cousin has a i3 with self-parking features. It always works even at night time and when it rains. Also, it feels very peppy zipping around town. The moment you press harder on the accelerator pedal, the sensation of instant torque is great. It is a very nice around town EV. Enough juice to last for a few days before it needs to be recharge. I was surprise by its roomiess inside as it looks small from the outside. The suicide doors are not bad at all, they make it very easy to get in and out of the back seats. super easy. Since it is small on the outside, it is super easy to find good parking space too. We tried it around Japantown of San Francisco, the Model S in front of us had a hard time fitting, as soon as that driver figured that out and left, we parked there absolutely perfectly.

  15. dont test cars again please, leave it to Brian Cooley

  16. I love that you have an SBUV3 in your trunk. =)

  17. will there be a BMW i5 and i7?

  18. They should caption a few corrections to their misinformation: 1.) Leaf is about 3 miles/kwh while i3 is over 4. Way more efficient. 2.) carbon fiber is only the passenger frame not the interior nor exterior panels. 3) bmw has built in SIM card for cell connection INDEPENDENT from your phone. This allows you to communicate with i3 as well as download live traffic and weather data.

  19. The words missing are range and accelerator. not gas pedal

  20. BMW has gone back to making spaz-chariots.
    What is Gok Wan doing on this?

  21. ugly…

  22. Sign up using this referral link and you’ll be able to join Drive Now UK for just £4.99 instead of the usual £29 one off fee plus you’ll get 25 minutes free driving. https://drive-now.com/f/GB/MJRRUKSBIX

  23. No touchscreen in a car like this is so weird.

  24. Not sure if they’re available in the US yet, but the latest model has 50% increased battery capacity since this version. You also mentioned brake lights with regenerative braking and these do get turned on automatically.

  25. Get a cheap used car under 10k and buy a lot of fuel for the price of this thing.

  26. Passed a challenger, not a Charger…

  27. I don’t like electric cars, but the idea itself is bad ass

  28. was considering one of these but now my computer gets bombarded with bmw pop ups for it, so guess what? you lost a sale!

  29. the i-miev is only 12-16k after incentives in many locations. That is my sensible choice.

  30. Loved the exterior, which is very futuristic but still clearly BMW. The dealbreaker was the Hideous interior (dashboard) which is less noticeable in the video plus the car stops dead when you take your foot off the pedal. I Went with the Volt.

  31. haha shouldn’t you say your not touching the electric, instead of your touching the gas.

  32. I want to hit it with a 20,000 ton coal train.

  33. i3? My 4 year old notebook has an i7 in it.

  34. this is a hybrid not EV

  35. the only car that you can in to the office that you are gonna be late for work just because you forget to charge your car the night before and it died on you on the way to work.

  36. I like all cars but it sucks to wait up to an hour or three to charge your car,when gas you pump it in a minute and your off,I’m up for ridding global warming but it sucks to wait so long.

  37. The tech is still a joke. 70 miles? 20 hours for a full charge up…

  38. Europe finally catching up with us

  39. 20 mile range if you push it, is this a joke

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    and display your E.V. ,share experience,opinion,advice,event…

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  41. this cars are going to be a pain in the ass

  42. Smart Car…Not MB!….It is sold via dealership only….I’m know they don’t like selling them, but have no choice…

  43. 👎👎👎👎👎

  44. i wanted to hear the ignition

  45. COOL i never knew electric cars exist

  46. Tesla is better

  47. Easy 2 kidnap sum1 in the back lol

  48. it’s a Challenger

  49. road feeel is good. I am in Europe. we can cruise legally at 130mph legally. All European cars are tightly sprung Cars made for USA markets are softly sprung.

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