The 600 HP APR Stage 3 Audi TTRS – /TUNED

Alabama is the last place you’d expect to find one of the world’s largest tuner companies for German cars, but here, at this facility, APR provides hardware and software to thousands of Audi and VW customers every month. Matt helps them with some development testing by providing opinions on their new Stage 3 package for the Audi TTRS, producing 560 horsepower at the wheels in a car based on the VW Golf!

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  1. just had to say, haldex is not the "true" quattro system yes but after that you said like the s4 or the r8, the r8 doesn’t have the "true" quattro system either haha

  2. Hey guys of you guys love the TT check out my youtube channel i’ll be uploading videos on the TT!!!

  3. you can get 0-60 in 2.7 out of the a4 with a v8 tfsi

  4. Whats upgrade?

  5. What is the silver Audi at 1:30??

  6. I’m getting one of these with in the next year

  7. I’m confused as to why he called this a chick car. This looks nothing like a chick car.

  8. Unf.


  10. the TTRS is pure fucken rock and roll, too sweet……..

  11. PLEASE NOTICE** I noticed this TTRS has a manual gearbox.. any idea if this means that the s3 or eventually the rs3 sedan will come in a traditional manual because of this?

  12. I love how everything looks so uniform under the hood

  13. Missile launch

  14. the new ones look so brute. I would actually buy one

  15. Too bad APR turned out to be scam artist… selling expensive RSC exhaust without the actual RSC techonologie and terribly cheap packing (if there was any).

  16. > *Vorsprung Durch Technik* <

  17. what kind of sunglasses are those?

  18. WAR EAGLE!

  19. I was gonna say something…. wait let me catch my breath @7:45

  20. i always come back to rewatch this video here and there. =D

  21. ceo looks like chandler bing 😛

  22. Awesome video!

  23. Sweet

  24. In the beginning Farah said something about there being a 5 cylinder Audi S4 "8 years ago"? This was filmed in 2012, so that would be 12 years ago now. What is he talking about? 12 years ago the S4 had a V8.

  25. This thing would be an absolute sleeper!

  26. lmaooo I died at "nutsack red"

  27. I live here 🙂

  28. Why does the music at the beginning sound like Autumn Plains from Spyro?

  29. 100% to rear under pressure

  30. I really badly want to rebuild my engine its an audi urs4 5cyl 2.2cyl if i wud i definetly wud want APR TO DO MY REBUILD TO BAD THEIR IN ALABAMA AND IM N CALIFORNIA

  31. Dat nut sack red doe

  32. what’s the best tune for Mercedes C300

  33. APR before they went downhill

  34. this sound many words!!!!!

  35. I’m getting this car for my 16th birthday. Is it any good? I think I’ll get the older model with the motorized spoiler. So cool!

  36. we have really been going back and forth. so many cool cars. but i think me and my wife have decided on the 2017 tt rs. gonna go nuts, get a custom color and do the European delivery. just have a ton of fun with it.

  37. my dream tts audi.

  38. If you don’t want to say how fast you were going say something like "2 times 60" if you were going 120. no self-incrimination

  39. Thanks for this review.  I know it’s over 3 years old, but my TT is well over that, too (’08).  Think I’ll have to contact APR to see what good things might happen with the 3.2L engine.  Hmmm…

  40. That thing’s exhaust note is soo nice.. Reminds me of the first time I test drove some mk4 R32 with an exhaust flap mod..

  41. Wondering if I should turn my cc into a sleeper after the warranty goes out.

  42. I always dreamed of a shop that wud specialize on audi performance now i know it exists and thank you APR FOR HAVING SAME PASSION FOR AUDIS AS WE AUDI FANS DO

  43. This is a good lesson. the smaller your car the faster you can go.to much power in a small car is pretty much like shooting a needle through a tornado.This is fuckin awesome. I was thinking is I get the bmw 135i and tune it up to 700 hp I’ll be invisible.

  44. you need to do another video, i’ve watched this far too much already 😉

  45. the first gen,miss a girls car,must cuz it looked like an egg..But the second and third gen looks better, more aggressive

  46. Have they changed pistons and rods for this stage build, and also intecooler, injectors and fuel pump, in order to support the extra fuel and air need? How much would this package cost? Around 20k + labor? Or am I short by far?

  47. i have an Audi TT Quattro Roadster and i love my car, i would love this Coupe as a second car. I would want a manual gearbox, then it would feel like a real sports car. Automatics are for your grandmother.

  48. After learning this it looks like the only reason to own an R8 or 911 is status/image. Can anyone argue?

  49. It’s a Audi not a outy

  50. I love how APR IS inspired by the 5cyl and loves this engine cus thats wat got me into audis asswell i love those audi 80s rally days with the S1 quattro

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