The 911 Targa is back.

Have a look at its amazing roof in this video. More information:

*Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 6: 10.0 – 8.7 l/100km; CO2 emissions 237 – 204 g/km.

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  1. top top 😉

  2. That was a useless 1:07 and 45 sec of that had nothing to do with the car.

  3. God, it’s beautiful…

  4. Now where have I seen a car that shape before?

  5. Wow what a nice car, but which building is this? What an amazing architectural acomplishment!!!!

  6. Really nice car i love all the new 911 991 models

  7. Final,automatic hardtop

  8. Porshe kill

  9. Magnifique ! .

  10. Meh. Solved a problem that didn’t exist while lying tribute to something classic and ultra simple by going uber complex. Looks ok because the core car is amazing anyway but IMHO this adds little if anything.

  11. Have a new car at first place on my "Best Looking Cars" list

  12. I had my eyes set on getting a Porsche 911 Turbo, until I saw this video. OMG

  13. ok, when I win the lottery, this’ll be my car… 

  14. wooow it my favorite porsche 1971 now 2014 is very cool

  15. The fact that they took the sliding glass roof, and replaced it with this over complicated and ugly POS makes me want to blow my brains out…

  16. Oh my! As an ole-time Targa driver, I’m breathless! Wow, Porsche never-ever fails to impress!

  17. Back in Black.

  18. I thought it was filmed at Milwaukee museum…

  19. Filmed in Milwaukee, WI! :O Can’t believe I didn’t see it in person even though I live here.

  20. The targa roof is rediculous. Why not make a normal folding hard top so that you have coupe looks & convertible fun.

  21. Newタルガは自動で格納するんだ!!びっくり。

  22. That is some seriously sexy shit….wife, can I get one?

  23. Any cars will be ,nothing are super .on road.

  24. Germans can always be counted on to give a complicated (and usually fragile) answer to a simple question.

    Pretty car. The top mechanism will fail frequently, I fear.

  25. Love the silver bar!

  26. Excellent video and car. Porsche… Mechanical beauty and perfection.

  27. Oooh, a convertible beetle…

  28. anyone else think that that build was just way freaking cooler then the porche?!

  29. Honestly.  Who wants a cabriolet but not really enough to commit?

  30. Wow who ever made that advert should be shot. Why do i want to see all that crap? I want to see more car!

  31. That was my 911 i want

  32. Are the architecture images taken from Alex Romans "The Third & The Seventh"?

  33. Here watch a video about this cars…. Roof plainly stupid

  34. Honestly, Porsche you are my favorite cars in the entire world BUT what have you done to this icon? I don’t understand you’re choice… Every models of Targa were absolutely wonderful, but here? Too bad (I speak about the roof with the exterior design)… I’m sorry.

  35. Do you have to get out and run around the car 3x to open the cup-holder as well ? ridiculous over-complication that will lead to rattles and squeeks once the car has a few years on it..I wonder how much stiffer the chassis would be if the entire rear end was firmly affixed ..Still a beautiful car

  36. It was filmed in Milwaukee WI USA 🙂 pretty sweet huh??

  37. Filmed at the Calatrava Milwaukee, Wisconsin Art Museum.


  39. Man, Germans are really good at expensive overly complex gimmicks.

  40. I thought Calatrava’s architecture was known for having leaky roofs and being massively expensive? Seems an odd metaphor to make.

  41. Sexy!

  42. Hey, Porsche, you should give me a Porsche. Why you ask??! What a silly question…
    Only because, well, uhh.. I don’t, I can’t find the right wor.. I LOVE YOU PORSHE.. Sorry if I come off too strong (kind of like a GT3).. It’s just that my psychiatrists recommend I express how I feel about you… 
    (Hey, YouTube, you guys should smash that thumbs up button. Let’s see if they really give me a Porsche. Free rides for everyone!)

  43. god bless it so sexxxyyyy

  44. Great to look at a building for 45sec long.

  45. Why not hard carbon roof?

  46. Fitting background. The art museum from my city 😀 

  47. over half the video went by before I was sure it was even about a car….

  48. Hell – yes!

  49. It’s good that at least 20 seconds of the video actually present the car …

  50. I think Porsche thought "this car looks too ugly for a teaser…what about we make a teaser about a building!!!"

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