The all-new, agile Audi Q3 Extreme Parking Stunt Video: The Making Of | Audi Canada

How did the all-new, agile Audi Q3 Conquer Parking in a crowded parking garage? This behind-the-scenes ‘Making Of’ video will show you how we fit a compact SUV into an even more compact parking space.

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Audi Q3: Get ready to Conquer the City.

With the arrival of the all-new, agile Audi Q3, your wait for a compact Audi SUV is finally over. The Audi Q3 offers the best of both worlds: It’s small and nimble enough for urban settings, but large enough to hold whatever you need for indoor or outdoor adventures. And functionality is just the beginning. The streamlined exterior of the Audi Q3 offers the kind of sleek looks you wouldn’t expect in a compact SUV. Yet it still offers impeccable SUV credentials, including a spacious 5-seat interior, 473 litres of cargo space, high ground clearance, and available quattro® permanent all-wheel drive. Standard features include 19″ alloy wheels (18″ with quattro®) and dual-zone auto climate control, as well as Audi Music Interface (AMI), Bluetooth® interface, and concert radio, all controlled effortlessly from a 6.5″ display with MMI® operating logic.

To configure your own Audi Q3, visit our configurator tool at: or download the mobile app from:

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  1. Scamertizing. This is the new word of the day.

  2. Suzuki Samurai would do this easily 🙂

  3. So, it means you will be able, and allowed, to park this way with the Audi Q3? 

  4. This proves you need fancy rigging to do something my 8 year old Subaru can do in your $50,000 Audi.

  5. This is so fake, you’ve could done that for real, shame audi.

  6. Cool ! Never follow ! European cars always come with their own style & character. That’s why I don’t respect Japanese cars. They copy too much & too many from Europe. If you know history of vehicle for 3 or 4 decades, you will understand what I mean. The only car I respect from Japen is Nissan GT-R.

  7. Audi Canada Why did you put panoramic roof standard ? I do not want it, I hate it Tiguan 

  8. I found this to be a little misleading…. (even though it is for 1 very petite reason)…. I brought a brand new Q3 5 months ago.  There was not an option to have an automated boot closing button as demonstrated in the advert.  It’s there on the Q5…. and we really wanted it. No option available on the Q3 🙁

  9. Кругом нае..лово…

  10. This video makes me buy an Audi.

  11. It’s an expression of being able to park on small spaces…Don’t take the commercial literally.

  12. Зато честно!

  13. Damn, this is SO Creative!!!

  14. дурят нашего брата, ой дурят!

  15. Audi, i just like what you did. 

  16. Misleading ad

  17. A Audi could never pull that of without a 5th wheel..  it would break 😀

  18. нахера они фонари задние только на крышке багажника поместили?

  19. Better range rover evoque 🙂

  20. so doings this wont void my warranty?

  21. The problem with the companies today is that they are all too greedy to make money, that they make fool of they’re consumers believing the impossible. It’s like an advertisement of an energy drink where the person who drank it suddenly became so strong he can smash a wall with his bare fist. The product indeed gives additional energy, but does it make you Superman? Of course not. Same as this non-sense ad. I liked Audi. but now can only feel disgust.

  22. I have a Q3 and its such a bad car, very poor quality materials, i really hate it,they advertise as a urban usv to " conquer the city" and can not handle a slightly bad road, All lies, dont buy this car. Im very disappointed of Audi post sale service. Never buying an Audi again.

  23. Ughuf

  24. I was kind of expecting to see a ramp to get the car into an angle and against the wall. Such a letdown 🙁

  25. yeah so agile it needs a forklift and an extra wheel

  26. Wat. How to park in a tight spot. With a fork lift and 5th wheel contraption. Those fit in the back too?

  27. N’importe quoi sur le mur c’est bien des conrie tous droit sortie de chez audi — t’en qu’il y sont qu’il la gare sur le toit nan mes n’importe quoi sérieux des absurdité jucte pour faire vendre audi le taudis a vraiment perdue toute sa valeur de marque c’est plus se que c’etait.

  28. Great idea + marketing strategy.

  29. Buuuu… Fake..

  30. I don’t know if this should be called a stunt. It’s ridiculous.

  31. Wow. Very poor advert. 
    What does this have to do with the car unless you are selling me the whole crew to attach the 5th wheel and some rails when i need them to park illegally…. 

  32. this is no more a stunt than a roller coaster ride

  33. I am disappointed, as I was going to drive my car on the wall. Now I can’t !

  34. I thought Brands were supposed to advertise what their vehicles can really do. What’s next, an Ad of a Q3 that can fly?

  35. 姑息な手を使わず、普通にスタントでできそう

  36. @AudiCanada should hire a stunt driver. I believe it could be done.

  37. so you cheated

  38. Sooo LAME!

    I guess the old ski jump climbs were FAKE too, right :(((

  39. I’m not sure about the car but Ad is bullshit. 

  40. you wanna know what gets into even tighter parking? a motorbike.

  41. اشهار غبي للآودي

  42. But that’s not a parking spot :/ advocating criminal activities, shame on you…

  43. Seems like the marketing folks are soooo obsessed with trying to make ‘viral’ videos they come up with silly stunts like this which, if you think about it, doesn’t show the car, brand or the Audi driver in a positive light.

  44. The extra wheels are standard or is it an additional option?

  45. Advertisement vs Reality.  

  46. Where’s Jean-Claude Van Damme?

  47. I’m so fucking disappointed with Audi making such a horrible ad. I expect I could do the same with a car as advertised. But I knew you guys fucked everyone over with this shit.

  48. u should hav brought jason statham to do the job!

  49. You could have done this for real? Anyway, nice ad!

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