The Audi R8 Star of Lucis has come to the real world from FFXV

世界待望の人気RPGシリーズ最新作「FINAL FANTASY XV」。
特別仕様車『The Audi R8 Star of Lucis』を、1台限定で発売。

The Audi R8 Star of Lucis has come to the real world from KINGSGLAIVE FFXV.
Only one will be released in the whole world.
The application starts from Nov.21. For more details,

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  1. How cool is that?

  2. Why not making the regalia just like in the game?

  3. Cool

    now do with a Nissan GTR

  4. I though it would have a bit more special features.

  5. Product Placement done right. Thank you Audi Japan! Best regards from GERMANY MUNICH!

  6. lol i own that car but sadly its a 3D version in maya….

  7. Just put car in the game and I’ll be happy

  8. Have to Mortgage banglo 1st.

  9. Would sepiroth stole this car anyway?

  10. $300,000.00 USD… damn. This is a lottery to win the ability to buy the car, not to actually win the car for free. Holy crap.

  11. This is car porn.

  12. Will Nyx reveal himself in FFXV?

  13. Omg!!! It look so good!!!

  14. 車限定1台用の映像とかハンパないな

  15. Ummm no. My 1975 chevy corvette stingray looks better than that.

  16. Superb Epic Car Advertisement after Volvo V90 Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Swedish National Team Tribute car Adv!

  17. Shut up and take my gil!

  18. That’s the car I want when I’m 70 and retired. Forget sports cars, this car is where it’s at.

  19. 最後見ちゃったけどアーデン相手にガチで○押すだけのQTEラスボスで笑ったわ

  20. Just buy normal black car and buy and finish more cheaper details

  21. Hey, I was about to watch PS4 Dark souls video, and totally thought this movie was a part of the game till I saw R8 itself. Like it!!

  22. What an amazing design, not only aerodinamic style, but it also give art style to it

  23. i think i have found my dream car

  24. Chocobo >>>>> Audi

  25. This is how you do it, fellow kids.

  26. パーティ全員死亡エンドってマジなのかな 
    妄想で結婚式挙げて終わりらしいけど そんなだったら嫌だな

  27. This would’ve been cooler with a Porsche Panamera, the r8 only has 2 seats, where are Noct and Gladiolus gonna seat? x)

  28. okay the car looks really nice as fuck

    but it was the narration over the music at the end that really got me

    that dude should really do more voiceovers

  29. can it fly?

  30. Only one in the world ? Wow , that’s what I call exclusive , now I need to rob a bank lol

  31. Benz and VW eat Audi’s lunch.

  32. fckin drautos. kay but i really want this…

  33. Das will ich auch!

  34. "Pre-Order the Prestige Edition now to receive your very own R8"

  35. 465000$ hahahahaha

  36. dayummm, classy as fuck!

  37. that is King Regis right ?

  38. I only have like, $1 wtf…

  39. oh yeah baby my dream car


    because i can only have it in my dreams

  40. Do you guys take Gil? I dont have much $$$ on me.

  41. That will be 3 easy payments of human sacrifice please. 😃😁☺

  42. Certainly picked a good way to market it with Final Fantasy.

  43. question, is the death knight looking dude have any story significance and whats that sword? Looks dope af. forget the car, I can’t afford it anyways xD

  44. I bet most of the people who viewed this video came because of the game 🙂

  45. I hate being poor..

  46. I kind of wish this was some sort of raffle prize if one preordered that ultra limited Noctis figure or even the FF XV edition PS4 slim. That’d be hella sweet.

    Much better looking than the Banshee replica Rockstar had for GTA V.

  47. the best summon EVER … ( AUDI R8 )

  48. Anyone else disappointed it does not have the same body as in the game?

  49. I hate being Poor

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