The beautiful BMW M4. BMW M Performance: fully loaded.

This clip features the BMW M4 in action at the “Ultimate Playground”, fully loaded with BMW M Performance parts. What will be your first BMW M Performance part?

The app shown in this clip is the M Performance Drive Analyser, available for iOS and Android . More about BMW M Performance at: http://www.bmw.com/mperformance .

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  1. now thats perfection

  2. hey, does anyone knows which app is showed at the end of the footage?

  3. The editors or whoever filmed this, you need to film a movie, thats how the video looks. Like an action movie.

  4. Nice new piece of BMW. 

  5. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh….

  6. Dude, where’s the carbon ceramic brakes?

  7. Did i see that speedometer say 480??


  9. Is that a Mitsubishi? LOL its looking and sounding a tad ricey.

  10. Take my money, my home, my dog and give me that car!

  11. When you look at M4 rear lights upside down,you will see E92 M3’s rear lights. 😉

  12. I love this car – nice and hardcore.

  13. Watch this this with the song Revolution Gioni remix. It. Is. Awesome.

  14. What a video! Nice job!

  15. the beast

  16. 型到爆!

  17. Name of The app?

  18. Perfection. Delivered.

  19. BR

  20. Dat oranye though

  21. where can I get that app?

  22. Oh… it’s Need For Speed Carbon Cabron

  23. *MPower*

  24. cool car

  25. m4 should have been named m3 wtf was bmw thinking …. theyre all fucked up since they love muslims soo much

  26. nice

  27. What are those retard units ?
    it is a BMW, so km/h etc… 🙁



  30. Mirror at 0:19 ????

  31. Hi BMW
    I have worked for you for over 15 years at Rusnak BMW in Thousand Oaks, CA. I have a channel – Scott BMW Smith. Could you put my channel as one of your Liked channels? Please check it out. Please give me any advice it be would greatly appreciated.

  32. 👍

  33. Ainda comprarei uma.

  34. Any haters yet?

  35. I’ll be seeing you Mr. F82 in my garage along with a few others soon ;]

  36. PERFECT!!!

  37. Nice vid!
    Check out our new G-Power ///M Cars, including the world premiere of the G-Power G5M Bi-TURBO BMW M5 F10, it´s the fastest M5 F10 on earth!
    Greetings from Germany, Bavaria.

  38. Does anyone know where this was filmed?

  39. ///M = Performance and Power – The Beautiful BMW M4 High Performance Luxury Sports Car #BMWM4 #BMWPower #BMWPerformance #BMWSportsCars #BMW

  40. I’ll buy this car next year

  41. Бля красивая машина !

  42. Check out the M4 DTM Champion Edition on my channel!

  43. This vehicle is amazing!

  44. Alpinweiss or Mineralweiss ? please

  45. Toujours impossible d’avoir ces jantes en 20 pouces même en option, réveillez-vous chez BM !! BM doit proposer à sa clientèle le choix de pouvoir acheter ces jantes en 20 pouces !! !Ok le véhicule sera peut être moins confortable et un tout petit peu moins performant mais quel look elle aura !! J’ai essayé la M4 et le son de l’échappement d’origine est vraiment indigne d’une voiture de sport avec le M performance c’est un peu mieux mais toujours pas aussi bon que l’AMG C63S ou le BOSTER GTS, 911GTS, F-TYPE S !! (R) à quand un échappement actif digne de cette M4 ???

  46. All the car I could ever want fast, sexy, pedigree, class

  47. Finally … I got erection ! 🙂

  48. Looks like someone grew up with Need for Speed Underground.

  49. That’s my dream car

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