The BMW Concept Ninety Story. BMW Motorrad.

90 years of BMW Motorrad – 40 years of a BMW Motorrad design icon. To mark these anniversaries, BMW Motorrad presents a very special new machine: the BMW Concept Ninety, on show at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2013. In collaboration with the customer bike company “Roland Sands Design”, the BMW Motorrad Design Team has created an exclusive homage to the BMW R 90 S. During BMW Motorrad Days our community got the chance to chat with Roland Sands. Find a review of that chat here:

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  1. Aart van lit
    Wat wordt de prijs als hij i
    n productie gaat?

  2. Hallo BMW Team, baut endlich dieses Motorrad !!! Must have

  3. Very very nice! I have a S1000RR and love it, but for this bike I would trade it in.

  4. Realy GREAT GREAT JOB, Fantastic bike, super geiles Motorrad
    Thanks 4 up load.

  5. 3:12 what’s the name of the song? It’s beautiful.

  6. when will this become a retro-reproduction bike for sale?

  7. Is this just a one-off build ?? Could this become a production bike down the road ?? PLEASE SAY YES !!!

  8. Tijdloze schoonheid! Timeless beauty!

  9. whens this shizzle hitting the streets? wouldnt mind a one. Also anyone tell me the names of the songs at 0.15 and 3.26 ? it would be much appreciated

  10. fantastic.ich liebe es. they nailed it for sure 🙂

  11. I am sorry, but no.

    You cannot have my ’81 R100 RS in exchange for for the new ninety.

  12. Auf gehts, wann kommt die in Serie…

  13. All it needs is an Italian, Japanese or American twin now.

  14. Class act

  15. Cool

  16. 5:50 what helmet is that? rolands? someone please?

  17. Tell Roland to build it. Sexy and old school with full face protection.

  18. I wish the manufacture soon. BMW needs a retro.
    Saludos desde Mallorca.

  19. I’d trade my R1200S in for this one (finances permitting, of course).  Hopefully they’ll bring something like it to production …and sell it in NA.

  20. Fake video. when they film phone conversations its always fake

  21. Roland rules

  22. i really hope this comes into production

  23. Perfect

  24. So are you going to release a front fairing for R9T?

  25. BMW and Reality TV Americanism don’t really fit together. R90S was never intended to ever be a café racer. Please don’t mutilate the R100RS.

  26. paint it black

  27. You really need to make this bike, I would be first in the line to buy one.

  28. very very cool

  29. Berliner Motoren Werke :-))BMW

  30. I think you are getting some inspiration from me? Kevils Speed Shop

  31. I remember riding the original r90s

  32. J’en veux !!!!!!!

  33. just make the S600RR already! That bike will take AMA Supersport AMA Daytona Sportbike and all the Regional races by storm!

  34. this bike is just the pinnacle of form and function

  35. Would love to take one of these around the Isle of Man TT course.

  36. has a café racer look to it 🙂

  37. They have just copied the french voxan cafe racer….

  38. Very disappointed when he hit the starter button and… NOTHING! Just the music. A missed opportunity there. That said, they have to make this bike, it is just drop dead gorgeous. I want one.

  39. German Engineering endorsed by hipsters. I like mine though. 

  40. great bike, like the old airheads. i just don’t dig the orange. other than that – when can i buy this? 😉

  41. as soon as they said they found him in cali i said "not roland sands!" oh well i guess we’ll watch it.

  42. Christ I wish they would put it on sale, I’d have one… Bloody lovely looking bike, and would look rather nice in the shed beside my original 90s

  43. I think the worst was fiting the American sized inch and this stuff on the metric system XD

  44. Simply the best!

  45. They aren’t great for high revs. That’s why the V8 boys swap them out for solid lifters.

  46. Dear BMW. Build something like this and you will sell a million. Just please don’t make the seat height in excess of 800mm – not everyone is 185cm tall and 120kg! Oh, and feel free to do a modern interpretation of my beloved R100RS….

  47. Where did you guys film this please? It’s gorgeous!

  48. I’d like to get one!

  49. Build it and I shall buy it! From South Africa!

    PS: We need the F800R in South Africa. You forgot about us! 🙂

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