The BMW sound designers. BMW quality.

A BMW has a unique sound –and we’re not only talking about the engine, but about every button, every door and many other things that make a sound. A group of specialists at BMW focus on this. Have a look at their work and you’ll surely remember this, the next time you’re in a BMW.

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  1. Them STAX though.

  2. BMW sounds like a tractor

  3. BMW has drop the ball on many of its vehicles!

  4. You’ve gotta love ze Germans,

  5. What you don’t say is that you pump ‘engine sounds’ through the speakers too – because the new engines don’t sound as good. This, in my own honest opinion, is totally lame

  6. Sound design is amazing

  7. Because your X5 is old and the last Crap.

  8. true

  9. Tell the sound designers they did not do a very good job on the new 7 series.

    The door lock pins rattled from day one. And they are near the drivers head.
    After changing them through warranty I had them fixed by wrapping them in gaffer tape. Cheap fix for a cheap car. Also transmission failed. And engine burned oil from day one. Always fouled the same sparkplug, and did not idle right. 750i, you disappoint me.
    Shame on you BMW!

  10. Da hast du recht! 😀

  11. damn, i should’ve continued my piano lessons

  12. I’d love to go to dinner with one of them *said nobody ever

  13. Ich habe ja nichts gegen BMW aber der Sound 🔊 hört sich auf kar keinen Fall v 8 mäßig an das können Audi und AMG besser . Sonst ist der m6 ein klasse Auto 🚗. Habe letztens ein BMW x5 getestet und bin damit ins Gelände gefahren leider ist der BMW x 5 sofsort stecken geblieben , und hat bei der Steigung aufgesetzt . Das gleiche habe ich mit einem gle 350 versucht und es hat funktioniert. Sie waren beide ausgestattet mit den offroad Funktionen. Der BMW hat nichts im Harten Gelände zu suchen .

  14. And here I’am totally happy with my E30 Touring and all of it’s loud noises

  15. ɢᴏʙʟɪɴs ғʀᴏᴍ ᴍᴀʀs ғᴀɴs ɢᴏʙʟɪɴs

    ᴡʜᴀᴛ ɪғ ɪᴛ ᴛᴇʟʟ ᴏɴ ʜɪᴍ 1:56😓

  16. Ha, look at yourself mate, were doing just fine here so we don’t need that

  17. Rainer Beer – best name award 2013

  18. BMW is one of the best and nothing is "breaking". I got an F10 and its the best car i ever had, so shut up.

  19. bmw is the worst man made vehicle everything breaks!!!!!

  20. you came here to say that lol GTFO!

  21. audi for ever

  22. You are right, my 2013 runs on gasoline and sounds like a diesel truck (just horrible)

  23. Interesting video…

  24. I would like get BMW car only one because it so lexurious and good design but its price would the most expensive.

  25. Typically silly Germans. They brag a lot about technicalities but forget about the REAL WORLD reliability, durability and maitenance costs in the long term.

  26. how thoughtful …

  27. this is crazy.. how deep can car engineering go

  28. Some of the BMW M5 models have a synthesizer that records and amplifies the engines noise through the cars speakers to give a more sporty impression

  29. bullshit to sell expensive cars

  30. I love bmw’s sound so much its my text ringtone 🙂 ….the things they do are amazing

  31. 1:30 thats the exact sound I get when I open the door

  32. 1.30 is pretty annoying sometimes lol…

  33. goddamnn i hate that fucking seatbelt sound!! Your fired!!

  34. 7 series is a fucking nightmare from a mechanical design point of view the electronics in BMW are prone to failure in short period of time build quality and materials are inferior

  35. They just forgot to fix the wind noise in the cabin!

  36. In fact I saw a video very similar to this by Mercedes and Audi somewhere on Youtube

  37. Personally, I’d like the M5 to sound a little more aggressive. It’s a little subdued. Haven’t driven the F10 but owned an E60 version. The throttle auto-blip was gorgeous but I often wished the exhaust was less well behaved! I know that it’s because the M5 is all about discretion but they could stick in another line in M-Settings for "Noisy Zorst!" 🙂

  38. True, but I doubt Audi or Mercedes go to these lengths.

  39. 2:17 exactly here the made a horrible job, our 5 series bmw makes so much annoying noises when driving over a single bump

  40. Dear BMW engineers,

    a sport car MUST have:

    1) manual (stick) transmission (5 speed for cars with top speed up to 250 km/h, 6 speed for 250 km/h+)
    2) manual handbrake (not ridiculous electric/electronic one)
    3) loud and recognisable engine sound (like M5 E34 for example)
    4) oil dipstick (no electronic oil measurements)
    5) no robotized/automatized drive
    6) as little as possible electronics; unlike modern "sport" cars which are crowded with (mostly unnecessary) electronics
    6) no speed limiter

  41. The E60 also has a very nice sound when you close the door.

  42. After all, they invited Prof. Stephen Baysted to help them tune sound of exhaust on the last M3 😉

  43. Jajajajaja. I quite agree with that

  44. You can’t deny the fact that BMW puts money into and over engineers most things other car companies simply look over. You can rest assured that you have a quality driving instrument that was built with fanaticism and forethought.

  45. BMW and Mercedes-Benz, the only makers that actually care about sound. Beautifully over-ingeneered German autos.

  46. I know I like the solid thump my doors make on the E39.

  47. Nobody that can afford to drive a BMW truly cares about those things. If you want those things, buy a corvette.

  48. fuk u gangsta gay boy

  49. Absolutely incredible! This video made me subscribe to BMW channel.

  50. ”Some of the BMW M5 models have a synthesizer that records and amplifies the engines noise through the cars speakers to give a more sporty impression”

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