The Car (1977) Trailer

When a mysterious, driverless black sedan begins running people down in a small Southwestern town, new sheriff Wade Parent (James Brolin) must find out who — or what — is behind the killings. What he uncovers is a truth more terrifying than anyone expected. Is it pure evil? This cult horror classic from director Elliot Silverstein also features Kathleen Lloyd, R. G. Armstrong and John Marley.

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  2. What a dumb idea for a movie wouldn’t the car just run out of gas?

  3. Nice looking car what is it a cadillac?

  4. Bring in the turbo interceptor from The Wraith and it will hunt this evil force down!

  5. These most be the new Commercial for the SELF-DRIVING MERCEDES now that its open its secret algorithm that priorities the life of the passenger (OWNER) over the life of pedestrians un case of malfunctions or accident …. Look for the info in Fortune Magazine, its true and real, and evil.

  6. Before people figured out how to make a movie.

  7. I think I accidentally married the driver years ago.

  8. Classic

  9. When it says nothing can stop it I’m just like uhm how about trying to shoot the engine or throw some explosives at it

  10. no one can stop the car

  11. Be cool they made the origin of "The Car’ as where it came from why it attacks this small town. As theory I think of "The Car" is modify of Lincoln continental mark iii as put in origin story.The Car was normal Black Lincoln continental mark iii as owner of cult leader of insanity driver died and his brainwashed people of his group use his black Lincoln continental mark iii  modify with enhance armor, engine upgrades, using their dead cult leader soul so he get his revenge on this town as using this remodify car as evil weapon against the town as something like that.

  12. there is senceless ending in the end of this film,there is no chance humans can get by distroying devil like that in form of a car ,all film was entertaining but ending is retarded .car like that which can move a hole mountain can not be distroyed that easily .

  13. Was really scary as a kid n the 80s its on TV tonight#1 cheese fest why a diesel horn why not a demon scream or something

  14. I am sure the inspiration of this "B" movie was from a Disney movie where a Volky was given "life". Any one agree?

  15. which horn is the scaryest the car or Chevy coe from jeppers creepers

  16. i am creating a 6 inches thickly metal body armour car and ones it finished i think about posses it by some demon then set ratual on it then world is in getting troube""ones again"" and i got the credit and it killed ever human being on earth and i can easily rule like "osama bin ladin" ,and my shit everywhere

  17. "The car–is in the GARAGE!" (Elliot Silverstein peaked with CAT BALLOU, of course.)

  18. I wonder where you could buy the air horns for that? I guess Hornblaster Shockers would do the trick

  19. jaws on wheels.

  20. Wow… I saw this at the movie theatre when I was a kid. It was pretty crazy.

  21. My favorite part was when the car honked its horn.

  22. No one can stop it although it is killing everybody no one wants to destroy it because it is awesome looking car.

  23. The first Decepticon

  24. Is this movie like Christine?

  25. Scary sound

  26. The car in this movie is a Lincoln Continental Mark III

  27. The ground was hollowed…. Ssssssh


  29. ello govenor


  31. I currently building 1 like this from scratch.

  32. They give so much away in these trailers. Love "The Car"!

  33. just finished watching this movie for the millionth time. great old school horror. race with the devil is next

  34. It looks like a Swedish Volvo. What do you think?

  35. KARR vs The car

  36. do you have the full movie on here im sure you must have it i looked everywhere and cant find it

  37. Bender goes on a bender. Kill all humans. lol

  38. See "Duel", see "Jaws", see "everything else!

  39. I’d pay good money to see a Tommy Wiseau reimagining of this movie.

  40. Hah i saw horror movies based on animals but not on vehicles.

  41. Futurama

  42. 2017, anyone?

  43. This movie rocked ass!

  44. My memory fails me sometimes. I remember watching this movie on TV in 1982, and when I watched the film, ”Christine” on DVD years later I thought it was this one, confusing !

  45. Bulllshit… Suck my dick

  46. ghost car

  47. I will watch this movie on Saturday, 4/29/16 8 pm Pacific Time. The show’s name is Svengoolie and they show all kinds of horror movies and you don’t even need cable.

  48. What drives the car? Your mother

  49. So wait, was the Futurama Were-car episode based on a mashup of _An American Werewolf in London_ and this? The design looks similar.

    Also, I love that the cop’s car is engulfed in flame before it’s taken any kind of serious impact from the cliff. 😀

  50. which came first christeen or this ?

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