THE CARS ― Just What I Needed

JUST WHAT I NEEDED ― i don’t mind you coming here / and wasting all my time / ’cause when you’re standing oh so near / i kinda lose my mind / it’s not the perfume that you wear / it’s not the ribbons in your hair / i don’t mind you coming here and wasting all my time / i don’t mind you hanging out / and taking in your sleep / it doesn’t matter where you’ve been / as long as it was deep / you always knew to wear it well / you look so fancy i can tell / i don’t mind you hanging out / and talking in your sleep / i guess you’re just what i needed / i needed someone to feed / i guess you’re just what i needed / i needed someone to bleed

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  1. Christ almighty! I wouldn’t give the girl on the cover a bite of my KitKat!

  2. fav new wave/grocery shopping punk rock anthem ever. def my favorite on the kroger/shop rite playlist.

  3. I love the synths in this song so much. I think it’s what really sets it apart from everything else.

  4. Why do i keep playing this song after sex….with myself.

  5. Not heard this on radio for years (decades) why not ? I have a copy of this on 7 inch vinyl in mint pristine condition ! Classic Cars !

  6. Item 47

  7. Just stopped here to say i don’t like this band.

  8. micheal Dospoy

  9. Awesome Bitches Yeah.

  10. cant i just be here because I want to fuck the girl in the album cover?

  11. ROCK ON

  12. phil x played it now i wanna learn it

  13. Excellent sound quality on this. Thanks for posting it.

  14. Been looking for this song for the longest time, now i accidentally clicked on the video and i was like holy shit i swear it sounded like David bowie

  15. I miss this kind of music!

  16. Summer of 79 i was about 16 Long Island New York everybody cranking this cruising Hempstead turnpike up and down. Life was good then no cell phones simple and free and easy going world then. My first car too a 77 Toyota Corolla with a Blaupunkt Stereo

  17. Dis song is alright boi’s

  18. Jessie’s girl

  19. Haven’t heard this song in a while, and damn it still holds up today

  20. Fuck Yeah!!!

  21. Quality band

  22. Micheal Edward Fitzgerald Dospoy/ Rossetti

  23. this is…"just what I needed"

  24. Very beginning sounds like "Stacy’s Mom"

  25. The DMV brought me here

  26. I fucking hate kids

  27. just brilliant

  28. Why does this song remind me of Pac Man?

  29. god the memories of when i didn’t suck.
    this brings me back to the late 90’s early 2000’s when i first herd this song

  30. Superb Rick.

  31. Priceless!!!

  32. Anybody else find it funny/weird that the poster’s profile picture looks like it’s a picture of the girl’s mouth on the album cover? Lol

  33. You see it all around you…good lovin gone bad…

  34. It’s about time they were inducted!

  35. Never really paid attention to he lyrics of this song until now. They’re disturbing. I like!!!

  36. the punch brothers covered this song. they killed it and it’s worth a tube tubing. your welcome America.

  37. This just a super rock song…bloody brill

  38. Commercials ruined this song 🙁

  39. fuck good New wave ,classic of all the time

  40. Harry Harry who the feck is Harry

  41. great song


  43. I would vote for them!

  44. did they win

  45. wasting all MY time

  46. i was 11 first i heard them. still on my playlist.

  47. Kara got what he needed,which is Steely Dan’s creation,ah stone of Aja

  48. Is there a way to clone Christina Aguilera? It must be this song… driving my imagination….
    Pleeez Jesus… your mouse is begging for some cheese!!!

  49. Is it just me or does this kinda sound like The Killers a little bit?
    Love this song

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