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  1. The Cars were one of my favorite bands back when I was a late teen/early adult. I adored their music. I think that Elliot Easton was and still is a very underrated lead guitarist. Ben Orr (rest in peace) was equally good on bass/vocals.

  2. Ben was high AF even then. You can see his eyes almost shut!

  3. wow i dont ever know that this song is from 1978 or less ,i was 3 years old when this concert is played πŸ™‚ big thumbs this is a best song to me.

  4. Ben and those lipsπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  5. left us too soon song bird.

  6. Love that beat change 2:24 – 2:32

  7. Mighty!!

  8. Rock and Roll HOF needs to wake up!

  9. live music wow

  10. Ben always sounded amazing live and recorded πŸ’—

  11. "David Boi"

  12. Anyone else want to go back in time on my time machine to see the Cars! I miss their unique and energetic sound! O.K I miss the 80’s!

  13. What a hunk!

  14. The first 45 I ever bought. That’s a small vinyl disc that was played at 45 revolutions per minute on a record player, for those who don’t know.

  15. Great music I grew up with. Orr was a superb musician.

  16. Jesse Eisenberg is gonna play Ric in the film

  17. I was always a Cars fan. One of my favorite songs by them.

  18. a perfect guitar solo

  19. In the 80s all the girls wanted them and all the guys wanted to be them .

  20. Ben was the best.

  21. I always remember David Spade saying, "Rick, why the long face…?"

  22. Ben’s vocals were just like the recording. Spot on. Before videos I didn’t realize how many of their hits he was lead on. lol..

  23. most gorgeous rock singer ever! Orr

  24. if writing quality was like this for new bands it would be great!

  25. The Cars Were GREAT.


  27. The measure of a great band is that someone dies. I’t’s important that most of them are still alive
    and still know how to play this stuff. I don’t know who’s dead now from this video except that
    it’s probably not ocasec. Probably not the vocal guy either. Every wannabe musician wants to be like this
    by now. It’s not easy being as great as this since the mid 70s.

  28. What a beautiful face of Benjamin!!

  29. this my favorite cool. ..!!! From a woman. ..

  30. Never realized how much Ben Orr looked like Jude Law was he was young.

  31. I’m going to be on my deathbed still going on about how hot Benjamin Orr was. "Oh, god Ben was hot.." :cough: :expires:

  32. From the Back Bay of Boston, great place.

  33. I saw them at the SHABOO INN, and they had to play tunes over again because they only had one album out. THEY ROCKED THE DOORS OFF.

  34. felt so cool on skateboard …. lol

  35. Loved this song. Never knew they came from America. Alwaysd thought they were English…

  36. If a guy could be called pretty it would be that singer.

  37. I saw them in concert at the Miami Baseball Stadium in 1979. They tore down that Stadium. Everybody in South Florida was mad. I was a. teenager!!! good times!!

  38. This is live music how it should be. No miming, a band that actually plays their instruments and a singer who really sings. Liked that line "It’s not the ribbons in your hair":

  39. My fav song from the πŸš—. Ben was so adorable I love the dimple on his chin.

  40. It’s weird cuz when you think of the cars you think Ric but actually Ben was the one with the looks , voice and talent why wasn’t he more the face of the cars back in the late 70’s and early 80’s my brother always had there music blasting in his chevy Malibu miss those days glad we can still hear the music 🎢 on good ol’ you tube . Sing with the Angels Ben your so beautiful

  41. What a gorgeous man

  42. Timeless track

  43. my bad, 1979 ok i’m old but i played the crap outta that cd and i still LOVE THE CARS

  44. "People are comparing their work to the likes of Queen and David Bowie"… "Under Pressure" then must be the perfect Cars song πŸ˜›

  45. Wow learn something everyday


  47. Is it me, or does he look high as hell? lol

  48. Rick and Ben were a pair in Ohio and then they moved to Boston and met Greg and Elliot and David. Greg Hawkes was an early genius of the Prophet Synthesizer and studied flute in college and carried that sound with the Prophet that gave The Cars their unique sound that captured music listeners hearts of that time. Best Pop band since the Beatles and they had the greatest and most creative videos that MTV ever played!

  49. Love the midnight special

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