The Chase – BMW RR vs. BMW M3

Finally, here’s how the racing duel went – Rico and Nico are friends and they wanted to find out which one’s faster: A BMW S 1000 RR or a BMW M3. We gave them the chance for a little extra tuning, put them on a racetrack and filmed the race. What was your guess?

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  1. No surprised. Most bikes would beat the M3. They all accelerate faster.

  2. m3 -3

  3. Geee… Why do I feel like I should order an Akrapovic exhaust for my M3 right now?

  4. It will never be the other way around…

  5. With a good driver and a good rider, the bike will always win (in the dry at least). However, if you took the average internet posters and put them in control, the race might have a different outcome. The bike requires far more skill to use its potential in the corners. Its rare for bikes and cars to share a track with amateurs behind the controls, but look at Nurburgring for an example. A pro (Sabine) in a stock Ford Transit VAN passed some bikes during a Top Gear challenge.

  6. @Povidius A stock M3 makes around 334whp according to Eurotuner, RR between 175-183 depending on the dyno and weather, etc.

  7. gentlemen start your engine ……i love dis video

  8. love the M3, see mine (do not LOL):

  9. The reality is that all 1000 cc sportbikes like ducati 1198, honda CBR fireblade, kawasaki zx10, aprillia RSV4, susuki GSXR1000, Yamaha R1 are all equally fast. All these bikes achieve laptimes within 1000/s of a second a lap difference. Check WSBK superstock racing results. all superstock bikes are pretty much as they come out of the box. The bike here must have been going 4-6 seconds a lap quicker.

  10. Trying to grab from BMW Films: The Hire a bit? lol

  11. 2012 – 2014 BMW S1000RR suspension sag adjustent

  12. bike winning on wet track = staged.

  13. The best of two worlds..

  14. POST MORE Awsome video, wanted that comparison long time thanks, one big time question in my head gone ( i knew bike was gonna win im a biker) but the fine tuning on the rides was hot

  15. @CaioSDMF…have a quick search and you will find a Veron getting beaten by a bike.

  16. What are the alloys on that M3 if anyone could help please???

  17. i would never got here if its not for reddit.

  18. S1000RR all the way baby!

  19. What rims are the m3 running on?

  20. @rg500delta Totally agree a bike on a wet track should lose against a big phat tyred M3!!!
    Unless he had control tyres on and was a BSB rider! which he aint! The M5 would get murdered also by that bike period. See Top Gear against the mental Atom V8 not alot innnit!

  21. Both are awesome but Id go for the M3 because sadly, it rains from time to time.

  22. We need an Ariel Atom SC. lol.

  23. @cwsqbm With a good driver and a good rider, the bike will always win thats what you said so the 198hp bike can catch a 1000hp ams nissan gt-r really?
    keep dreaming bike fan

  24. bike wins as usual 🙂

  25. the bike always wins

  26. @tinleo333 you ever ridden a bike? most likely not..so go sort your life out

  27. Best car porn ever!

  28. M3 isn’t even in the same class to race with a bike.

  29. BMW M3 is nice

  30. Yea right bike is always going to win

  31. Of course car is faster, has a better center of gravity and much more grip.
    But you cant pick a normal car against the one of the fastest bike on the worl.
    Try put a Veyron SS, a Gumpert, or even a Viper ACR in that race and see what happens 😉

  32. Bikes win… AGAIN! 🙂
    *victory dance*

  33. BMW M3 look dangerous!

  34. M3 E92*

  35. Only a Bmw can beat another Bmw

  36. και με βροχή το φαγε το πετσακι ο κουβάς. …..έπος η RR

  37. Holly Shit!!
    It was just AMAZING!!

  38. M3 is definitely fast in its own right, but was this really a question? Good video nonetheless.

  39. @cwsqbm Thats not really a really fair example, as the bikes you mentioned may have been just enjoying themselves and not on full race mode like Sabine was.

  40. love the way the rr spits fire from the exhaust at 0:55

  41. Awsome!

  42. maybe if It’s Rossi, the lap would be 5, not 15. LOL. just kidding 🙂

  43. Bike will win on most occasions, but if you take the best racing bike vs the best racing car (F1), the F1 cars will be faster.

  44. Great video, and a fun test. However, such an apples to oranges comparison. No way to say absolutely a car will always win, or a motorcycle will always. The M3 will probably beat many motorcycles, obviously not the 1000RR. But can the 1000RR beat a Ferrari FXX? Impossible comparison.

    That said, if we look to the top rung of each motorsport, Formula 1 vs. MotoGP, cars win easily. Lap record at Silverstone for MotoGP is 2:02.020, lap record for Formula 1 is 1:30.874.

    Almost 32 seconds! 🙂

  45. Bike will usually beat the car, with an expert rider on board. However, Top Gear recently put the same BMW S1000rr against the 500hp Ariel Atom, and the car won. Granted, it is a go cart with 500hp with it was the first time that a bike went against a car like that and lost, at least from the videos that I have seen over the year. The rider in this video had balls to race the car in the rain like that.

  46. I dont care which one wins: the car or the bike cauze both are bmws. But to be more specific i would go for the m3 cauze i love cars more than bike

  47. @cwsqbm Not always true.

    On a tight, twisty track the car would win as a good car with a good driver can corner quicker than a bike, but on a track which had plenty of room to allow the bike to make up the lost time on straights or long bends then the bike would win.

    I should also point out, I am a biker but I am not so biased towards bikes that I would say they will always win.

  48. the challengement of titans 😉

  49. @CaioSDMF and now try to look at the costs and put a Moto GP bike in,the hypercars will still loose

  50. Love it, £53k+ vs £13k+ on a track. Bikes: better in everyway 😛

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