The Dirty Car Artist

Scott Wade loves to draw on dirty car windows. But unlike you and me, he doesn’t just draw smiley faces and silly slogans. He paints intricate masterpieces in the dirt – right on the rear window!

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  1. Seems like a waste of time just washing it away. I would have left it until it rained or something.

  2. I’m 3 hours late because I stopped to get a coke and a bag of Doritos. I come out of the store & this strange guy was painting a mural in the dust on my car It took three fricken hours. Who would buy that excuse?

  3. the child of hippies and participation trophy winners

  4. yo

  5.’.awesome O_O
    I’ve seen pictures of "car art" before, but I’ve never seen it in it’s creation process. I heard of one guy using Q-tips mostly, but this guy used shapers and brushes giving it a unique, cross-hatching touch! It’s kinda sad that it all goes away after a wash or rain, but at least he takes pictures to preserve them!
    I remember as a kid seeing cars caked with dirt, and funny messages covering them with "Please wash me!" One kid I knew actually wrote "For instructions on washing this car call…" and then a random phone number he made up on the spot…Looked like whoever was stupid enough to call for instructions was in for a surprise. XD

  6. When this champ can draw people on the damn back-window of a ford edge but you can barely draw a stick figure on a sheet of paper

  7. I guess he is a cartist.

  8. that I cool I might try that

  9. Perfect time to slap on the wiper is when he steps back to admire his work. :). Very cool talent

  10. so you play with dirt. Fail!

  11. Awsome

  12. Why the hell would he show the license plate?

  13. That amazing you are truly a great artist

  14. Como es que los perezoso negros nunca lavan su carros?

  15. very cool

  16. I’d put like a giant clear sticker like thing to preserve it :3

  17. "Enjoy Life as it Goes By"    Indeed.

  18. If more people come up with a hobby, painting, sports, something other than getting into trouble and becomming a criminal. This is a great talent. Be a role model, become a tutor and teach someone how to read. Take a youngin’ out camping and fishing. Go see a museum.

  19. no

  20. he just afraid for one thing: rain

  21. 3 hours later starts raining


  23. It must be so difficult when its windy.

  24. ill stick with "wash me"

  25. ofc it is in Texas

  26. Welcome to my channel <3

  27. wow

  28. I wouldn’t let him paint on my car. Imagine how many scratches he make

  29. eh, noo…nooo, I clean

  30. mazec

  31. and then it rained before the owner came back

  32. Biz olsak benı yıka yazarız amk

  33. Its sooo cool

  34. reverse a shop vac on thin glass find a spray to preserve the art and frame it for big money. don’t forget to cut me in on the profits


  36. Wow ! That’s amazing. I should try.

  37. Why do people leave their cars dirty? I mean I understand if it’s a beater or a cheap car but I mean you can’t waste the $6 for the machine to do it?

  38. Hope th rain doesn’t fall


  40. por que sera que quiero que llueva hoy

  41. girls cry at the end of video

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  43. Fcking legend

  44. most people spend there free time playing games but this man paints cars with dirt.

  45. so A Starving Artist

  46. wtf u shoulded left it and let it disappear by its self

  47. This is awesome.

  48. "It was fun, but it can’t last forever."

    Or even five minutes…

  49. عاشت ايدك

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