The future Chauffeur – Audi keynote CES 2014

Piloted driving is so relaxing: Lean back and do whatever you want while the car is driving you autonomously wherever you want. The video shows a chauffeur who’s having the job of his life due to piloted driving. Take a look at the video and get a hint on what Audi will present at the CES 2014.

Follow the Audi keynote of CEO Rupert Stadler: http://bit.ly/1ato4xT.

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  1. bad ad.

  2. Euh oui mais non

  3. Those germans^^ happy to be one^^

  4. 10/10 🙂

  5. Awesome

  6. Music by Dizzy Bee.

    "Schickimicki" from the album "Sounds good to me".


  7. You are so talkative chauffeur i have ever seen.

  8. This autonomous driving reminds me of iRobot. Will’s Silver Audi R8-like car had and autopilot feature and so did those capsules that carried the robots that Audi is also has concepts for.

  9. What a sound!!!

    Dizzy Bee sounds good to me!

  10. cool!

  11. Hate it!  What joy is there in watching?  

  12. oh case the audi wasn’t expensive enough  

  13. Great Music!!! What’s the name of the Band? They rock!!!

  14. Coole Sache

  15. Richtig coole Werbung! v.a. das Zeigen des autonomen Fahrens.

    nur die übertriebenen Lensflares und diese komischen Unschärfe-Effekte im Vordergrund nerven gewaltig!

  16. so good !!!

  17. Android

  18. I am the 1000 thumb up viewer,love Audi a lot~~~:)))

  19. what song is that?

  20. Dam amazing

  21. Audi is begining to do too dame much..please stop trying to be like Mersedece Benz wnd play your roll

  22. super spot von euch audi deutschland

  23. nice

  24. Never seen an A8 driver like him. Interesting.

  25. This guy wouldn’t work for me!

  26. That car sucks

  27. I purchased my Audi so that i could drive it not the dame internet

  28. Please send me one AUDI for Christmas :))

  29. Dammm…these Germans ….so wrong…i want to drive…

  30. Well that was awkward.

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