The Hire – Star (by BMW Films)

Vehicle featured is a BMW E39 M5
The fourth short film of The Hire Series
Directed by Guy Ritchie

This is BMW’s film of The Hire Series, all rights and copyright belongs to BMW, BMW Films, Directors and Producers

It’s not available for download from any BMW source now, and I thought it would be a good idea to upload it.

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  1. Hold on tight Sir! 😀 At the end should be a phrase: "Don’t forget to fasten your seat belts". 😉

  2. Better than guy ritchie´s sherlocks. Awesome

  3. Awesome…

  4. Looks like we have lost them Sir…ROTFL!!!!

  5. good one

  6. What is music?

  7. BMW Films were some of the first videos I ever streamed on the Internet.

  8. Anyone know the song when Clive introduces Madonna?

  9. The best BMW film ever made. Guy ritchie is a master.

  10. Came here after the release of the new 2016 5 series movie. Anyone else?

  11. BMW promoting talking on your cell phone whilst driving. Good job…

  12. Break ups are hard to go through but make for great works #JustinTimbcrymeriver

  13. Anyone else notice that at 6:32 there is only the exhaust on the left side? The E39 M5 came with dual exhaust from the factory and is shown correct in previous shots.

  14. clive was such a babe

  15. All the BMW short films came out between 2000-2002. You would go to BMW.COM download the program and every few weeks a new film would be available for you to download and watch. Also they had behind the scenes etc. Also none of the cars had any performance modifications. In fact most of the cars had an extra 700-1000 pounds of camera gear depending on the shot. Also I believe one of the cars which wasn’t an M car needed a big brake kit upgrade because they kept on over heating the factory brakes. After 2002 they went on a hiatus and the program shut down it wouldn’t update or communicate with bmw.com and years later they released some more films but they sucked. I have a very old Dell that has the program and movies on it still. I’ll try and see if it communicates with BMW.com and let’s me view them.

    Also James Brown was in one of the films as well.

  16. Clive owen should play james bond or frank martin in the transporter

  17. thats funny woman in bmw films

  18. Even playing herself she still can’t act…

  19. Madonna ruined this video. Clive Owen and Guy Ritchie are great though.

  20. spin the wheel, im speechless

  21. I watched this video back in 2010, when I never drove a car yet, now after 6 years and putting 150k miles under my belt, I feel like, when will he say seat belt, until he tossed her like salad 🙂

  22. is that the REAL  Madonna?

  23. how could there be any thumbs down…..you tasteless mother fucking fuckless fuckers 😮

  24. She sounded a whole lot like Christa Miller.

  25. So Madonnas husband directed this and Madonna gets thrown around the car

    If this isn’t the greatest excuse to treat your wife like shit I DONT KNOW WHAT IS

    also please make Clive Olwin James Bond HES BEGGING YA PLEASE

  26. m5 with MT??
    ahhh, pleasure..

  27. love that film

  28. Don’t mess with the British driver.

  29. Taken2

  30. e39 is a legend. One of the best cars ever built. Period. (And now please don’t come with those American crap cars like Charger, Mustang or any other wannabe-engineering)

  31. Still one of the great shorts….

  32. I bet guy wants to do this to her now that they’ve split! This is an oldie but goodie

  33. that was badass! Lol nice!

  34. such a pity that Clive never became Bond!

    Here’s to hope that the Broccolli’s will wise up and hire Hiddleston!

  35. The Driver is chosen by a spoiled and shallow celebrity to drive her to a venue. Unbeknownst to her, her manager has actually hired the Driver to teach the celebrity a lesson. Pretending to escape her pursuing bodyguards, the Driver recklessly drives through the city, tossing the hapless celebrity all around the backseat. They arrive at the venue, where she is thrown out of the car and photographed by paparazzi in an embarrassing end on the red carpet.

  36. gg

  37. See kids? You have to buckle up or you’ll get thrashed around!

  38. Hilarious. I never forget a Madonna face.

  39. LOL, the e39 m5 ,6mt gearbox,Pure driving pleasure!!!

  40. does anybody know what’s that wooohoooo music? :))))

  41. 6 años atrás… cualquier parecido con mi realidad es pura coincidencia… Solo que después del salto el auto durmió 6 meses en el taller.

  42. I love this short flim

  43. I forgot how awesome these videos are.

  44. so much better than the new one

  45. 5:47 the yukon’s tire squealing sounds like a retarded seal

  46. How did Madonna agree to do this?

  47. I love this shit. Thanks to the great minds at BMW & MERCEDES-BENZ. Time to upgrade my whip.

  48. 5:40 Illuminati detected.

  49. Amazing!😂

  50. BMW M5 E39 That’s MY Favorite

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