The new 911 GT3 – Born in Flacht.

Many have still never heard of it. Some believe it’s all just a myth. For the true fan, though, behind the idyllic green hills of the Swabian region in Germany the promised land does exist: Flacht. The home of Porsche Motorsport. Our home. The place in which the Porsche heart beats the fastest. Where the transfer from motorsport into series production is routine daily practice. Where the proving ground is our playground. And precision is our greatest passion.

Here, in Flacht, is where the new 911 GT3 turned its first laps. Here is where the mighty sound of its 4.0-litre horizontally opposed and naturally aspirated engine roared for the first time.

Learn more about the new 911 GT3 in this video and visit Flacht on our microsite: www.porsche.com/911-gt3

Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 6: 911 GT3: 12.9 l/100km, CO2 emissions: 290 g/km.

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  1. “So, Jungs… Weiter geht’s"

  2. Take this W Porsche

  3. A koala that has a gaming pc and is on youtube

    At Least It’s Not Born In The Nürburgring

  4. Da steht der neue GT2 verdeckt oder? 😀

  5. immer Gänsehaut..

  6. This is perfect. The GT3RS doesn’t need a manual, neither does the GT2. Please never make the choice of removing the manual from the GT3, ever.

  7. Like The GT2, The GT3, option Manual please for Drivers than paddle flickers or not…

  8. This just gives me chills 🙂 Mmmmmm

  9. I’m the 1000th person to like this.

  10. Fucking goose bumps everywhere.

  11. FUCK YEAH!

  12. Love it! Grazie Flacht :))

  13. I might not ever own a GT3 but if I ever had one the worst thing is, the next one coming out will be better.

  14. This 991.2 GT3. What is color? Guards Red? Carmine Red?

  15. I hope one day I will be able to own one of these incredible machines!

  16. I’m not a big Porsche fan but man I love this car a lot I’m really glad it’s manual again Porsche is awesome hope other manufacturers would put manuals again in their cars

  17. Lol. 991.2 911 Carrera launches with a Smiley Bumper.
    GT3 turns angry

  18. The end is GT2 RS, june 2017 Goodwood…

  19. Oh my!

  20. this is might be way out of topic…. but just imagine how many wins could porsche get if they compete in f1…

  21. 0:38 lol

  22. Just teasing the next big thing at the end 😀
    GT2 RS or GT4 RS ?

  23. Take this W Porsche

  24. thank you porsche for listening to your fans, current owners and future ones. One last request, make enough to go around, because I’m coming to get one😆

  25. not impressed

  26. First video game I played: Porsche Challenge on PS1
    First car I drove ingame: Porsche Boxter S
    First track ingame: Porsche testrack in Flacht

    We all have stories with Porsche, even if we don’t even own a Porsche.

  27. GT3 is by far my favorite Porsche of all time.

  28. shut up and take my money

  29. Porsche. The only company that does it right.

  30. A proper Porsche commercial for the return of the manual in the GT3. Love the guy’s voice who narrates these

  31. Man what a car. I take one please in sapphire blue thank you

  32. Porsche is recently making production cars as good as they can be.

  33. 1:42 that’s the new gt2 rs

  34. I want one

  35. You cheeky bastards. Thats the new GT2RS under the cover.
    I know it will be revealed at Frankfurt though

  36. Its Born in Weissach!

  37. porsche just stop teasing us…

  38. Thank you Porsche for making it Manual. I promise I’ll work hard so one day I can buy one…

  39. I just wish they’d actually make some so people can buy them and drive them. Sadly this is just another marketing exercise to flog more Macans and Cayennes.

  40. You guys better dethrone that lambo that just ran a 6:52 on the ring with this work of art.

  41. Dear Porsche, I love what you did there.

    Even though you might not have done this on purpose, you definitely screwed alot of Carflippers who made the 911R skyrock in price.

    Thanks for sticking true to yourself and the vision behind your company and putting out that Beast. Chances that I am gonna sit in one of these , not own one though, are pretty good as my neighbor has purchased many of your cars and applied for one of these.

    Looking forward to it.

  42. Now THATS a BEAST!!!!

  43. Video is so german my computer is wearing Lederhosen and grabbed a beer.

  44. Is that the Porsche GT4RS at the End ???

  45. I love it! I need it! I want it!

  46. Anyone tell me why this car is so special?


  48. So Jungs! Weiter geht’s! Holt euch die Nordschleife zurück! Porsche <3

  49. Doing my first ever test drive of a 911 in 2 hours, hopefully will own one by the fall! This car will always have a very special place in my heart <3

  50. coincedence that this was posted on the birthday of Walter Röhrl?

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