The new Cayenne. Enthusiast driven.

Many people dedicate themselves to moving forward, but few leave their mark. Many are full of enthusiasm, but few inspire it in others. How do you recognise the few? Sometimes at first glance.
Learn more about the new Cayenne here: http://por.sc/h5bIri

*Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 5/6: Cayenne models 11.5-6.6 l/100 km, CO2 emissions 267-173 g/km. Cayenne S E-Hybrid 3.4 l/100 km, CO2 emissions 79 g/km; Combined electricity consumption 20.8 kWh/100 km

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  1. What a great commercial!!!!

  2. Who’s the Voice-over? I think Michael Bay would hire him to be the Voice actor of Transformers 5.

  3. Very nice, well done Porsche! Rather have a Range Rover Sport tho :))

  4. where is this winding road – I need to show it to my boxster

  5. Hello Porsche, please gift me one. Thank you.

  6. I love Porsche more than any other car manufacturer, but honestly I don’t really like that they are marketing the Cayenne and the Macan as "sports cars", they’re probably among the best SUVs when it comes to how fun they are to drive, but they’re still SUVs. The marketing should be about the daily benefits about owning one, and the more sporty side should be a "hidden" ability that doesn’t show in the commercials, that would be cooler.

  7. What is this crap with showing us hybrids and diesels? We who look at Porsche wants to see the Turbo and GTS cars, especially when it says "Enthusiast driven.". I understand you need to be politically correct, but you’re loosing touch with your core values, and therefor loosing your core customers. I’m sure this attracts new once as well, but they’re from a completely different breed. I guess it comes down to who you want to be?

  8. I WILL BE GETTING ONE SOON! Oh wait.. i cant afford one -.-

  9. I’m so glad they redesigned the taillights… They looked so big & awkward before

    I’m dying to trade my 335i in for a Cayenne S!! I’ve always wanted a huge SUV without the whole body roll business

  10. I expected a complete redesign but it seems like there is a limit to how futuristic a car can get. 

  11. wooow

  12. lol webber!!!

  13. Well done porsche that’s great car

  14. Amazing change for the very successful cayenne!

  15. This is a very good advertisement.

  16. I expected a new design… That’s disappointing

  17. Oh, cool – Mark Webber!

  18. So… A plug-in hybrid? That is very nice. I’m guessing same powertrain as in Panamera S-E hybrid.

  19. When I was a kid in the 1970s the name Porsche evoked images of a somewhat rare exotic but attainable car that was purpose built to preform.  For my kids the name Porsche carries no more brand value than Infinity or Acura.  Just another bloated SUV used to pick up the kids from Montessori School.  I would rather have a Boxster and an Venza for the same money.

  20. PDK or no PDK.  That iz zee qvestion.

  21. Is it just me or those aren’t Webber’s hands on the steering wheel?

  22. Yes please!

  23. 70% history 30% car

  24. Built by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. Watch the first driving footage of the *new **#PorscheCayenne* in this video.

    *Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 5/6: Cayenne models 11.5-6.6 l/100 km, CO2 emissions 267-173 g/km. Cayenne S E-Hybrid 3.4 l/100 km, CO2 emissions 79 g/km; Combined electricity consumption 20.8 kWh/100 km

  25. stop making reference to the race heritage of Porsche..a cayenne has absolutely nothing to do with it..what emotion a poor v6 diesel ha to do with a 917 flat12..porsche u killed your soul

  26. Going ahead and buying my 2014 Porsche Cayenne, no difference in interior and the only difference is steering wheel, new from led lights and they’ve made the lights at the back shorter. Disappointing facelift!

  27. Beautiful 😇♥

  28. Face lift ? What face lift , I am keeping mine 2013 GTS, still looks great !

  29. Very nice and clean facelift!

  30. Really enthusiastic. Dreamy drive

  31. So, does Mark Webber come in a base trim or in a track option pack?

  32. Most striking  looking SUV bar none 

  33. I don’t know, it seems that they’re transforming back from luxury to sport? Judging from the steering wheel…

  34. Still good.But I think people’ willing is a bigger change.

  35. Wow i love it

  36. MARK WEBBER!!!!!!!

  37. Wow

  38. Mark Weber!!!

  39. Where is the GTS?

  40. Background voice is annoying!!

  41. good to see an Australian driving !!! shame the steering wheels is on the wrong side of car 🙂

  42. CO2 driven..

  43. Cayenne goes well with a pair of Levi’s.

  44. handsome!

  45. Holy shit…I love this car…

  46. Nice! : )

  47. Porsche is perfection, greetings from Russia !

  48. Don’t mind the car, I’m just here for Mark ♥.♥

  49. They change the SteeringWheel, its Like the Macan and 918 Steering Wheel

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