The new Cayenne Turbo S – Above it all.

*Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 6: 11.5 l/100km; CO2 emission: 267 g/km

The sum of all ideas that make up the fascinating appeal of the Cayenne, combined in one model – the new Cayenne Turbo S. Learn more about the most powerful Cayenne model here: http://link.porsche.com/cayenne-turbo-s

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  1. I’m bbb

  2. really hope get one…its astonished car

  3. The fastest SUV out there, Porsche is simply amazing! Along with Mercedes, they are the best car brands in the world!

  4. PORSCHE There is NO substitute!!!!

  5. I want this car one day. I want this car so bad.

  6. волшебно

  7. my dream car porsche


  9. What is the music name in this advert?

  10. Can someone please identify the interior color option of the car in this commercial, thanks

  11. This Porsche is a cannon

  12. Same dam car since 2012

  13. I’d say that for Turbo S the advertisement has:
    – Rather pathetic intro
    – Dull soundtrack

  14. nice powerfull car

  15. 4.1s !??!!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?#!?!#????!!?

  16. 50i is faster than Cayenne Turbo, so new X5 M is faster than Turbo S. 

  17. One day i’ll be able afford this. One day….

  18. Just wait till Jeep gets word of this. Its new power plant comes into the picture this will be yesterdays news!

  19. I loved every single one of our Porsches !!! what a brand !!!!

  20. 0-100 km 4,1s amazing.

  21. I don’t think this is the accurate ad campaign for a Porsche car. It needs more.

  22. and i just got my 2009 Cayenne Turbo S !!!! see my vids.. more will follow !!!

  23. AlpineZ2007: Stupid car… this is a junk because of the Ghost Rider destroyed that! I will use the bulldozer to hit it and smash this!!! EVEN THE CHAINS TO THE WINDOW!!!

  24. oh my god want it im in love with it***my heard is pounding***

  25. how 284 is the top speed, previous generation turbo s with 550 hp can exceed 300 

  26. Bmw X6M 2015 OR Cayenne turbo s 2015 ? 

  27. Another piece of a depreciating asset.

  28. ~2 minute video and it takes over 50 seconds to get a good look at the car?

  29. The best SUV I just love it in black colour

  30. Цhite leather interior annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Yeah, beautiful… i love Porsche…. we have had already 5 of them, a  carrera s, 997 Turbo, a 05 Cayenne turbo and now we have 06 turbo s and 09 Turbo S 957 which is awesome, im looking to tune it now.. any suggestions ???? from Porsche enthusiasts.. im thinking 9ff

  32. 2015 Cayenne Turbo S VS 2015 BMW X5 M

  33. quickest suv? how about tesla model x, 3.2 sec

  34. Who on earth buys an suv for the performance. Most people buying suv’s get something like a 4runner or a honda pilot or if you want a little luxury maybe an escalade. But 0-60 4.1 seconds and like a 150,000$ price tag? Wth😂cant imagine its very reliable and we all know the parts for it are expensive af, does it handle as well off road and does it have as much space as other full size suv’s? Since people in the market for an suv dont typically care if it has sports car performance or not


  36. ugly

  37. This thing is a beast and late last year it smashed the Range Rover Sport SVR’s Nurburgring record by a massive 14 seconds becoming the first ever SUV to lap Nordschleife in under 8 minutes. 

  38. Thanks for the display of the specifications at the end of the video 🙂

  39. Genial!!!

  40. best ever…
    SPORT Utility Vehicle

    No Substitute !!!

  41. The sum of all ideas that make up the fascinating appeal of the Cayenne, combined in one model – the *new Cayenne Turbo S*. Learn more about the *most powerful* Cayenne in this video.

    *Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 5: 11.5 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 267 g/km

  42. I don’t get why anyone needs an SUV to go this fast or have so much HP.If it’s speed and HP why buy an SUV? But then I would think a sports car would be a better fit.Less weight and better handling.But then that’s me.

  43. This car looks like a cheap Asian SUV… With complete uncharismatic shapes, it even looks like a French car I would say. The previous versions of the cayenne were far better and meaningful. This one is 200% boring.

  44. im buying this car

  45. 4.1sec LOL!!? Alright Porsche you’ve impressed me.

  46. and that’s all I gotta say!

  47. Your cars are amazing, however the dealership here in Saudi Arabia does not live up to Porsche reputation. 

  48. My dream SUV is Range Rover Sport (supercharged). But I feel jealous about Cayenne Turbo/Turbo S, because I think Cayenne Turbo/Turbo S is/are a little bit better than Range Rover Sport (supercharged).

  49. ugly eyes and front

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