The new Panamera Sport Turismo – Venture on.

A genuine Porsche? An atypical Panamera? The new Panamera Sport Turismo is defined, primarily, by itself. Learn more in this video and on our microsite: www.porsche.com/panamera-st

Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 6: Panamera Sport Turismo models: 9.5-2.5 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 217-56 g/km; Electricity consumption: 15.9 kWh/100 km

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  1. Audi RS6 is a mountain to climb

  2. Finally!The journey will begin to convince my wife it´s time to buy a new "estate" and this is a true 5 seater.

  3. You just gotta love Porsche 😮

  4. …the next big thing… a Porsche station wagon. Oh my.

  5. Waiting impatiently for a new cayenne!

  6. Such a beauty, in a unique way

  7. Wow. What a horrible commercial. I’ve been waiting for this wagon since the Panamera was introduced and the wagon shown and this is the best ad’ you could come up with?

  8. Dat ass

  9. When that spoiler came up I was like "shut up and take my money"

  10. first

  11. I think Panamera was made for this look. Balanced, beautiful and badass.

  12. That ‘thing’ is hidious.

  13. авто крутое. а видео больше похоже на рекламу неизвестного наркотика, с которого ни хило так глючит…

  14. Looks so much better than the Panamera itself.

  15. I never was a big fan of Porsche. I just had one or two favourites.
    but this is something new, that I really like!

  16. Finally a 5 seater main reason why I didn’t buy the current one, the rs7 clk and even the m6 gran coupe all 4 seaters. Thank You Porsche here’s my money.

  17. hopefully with their new partnership with Forza, we will see it in Forza Motorsport 7!

  18. Sieht dem Ferrari F12 Berlinetta sehr ähnlich, aber sieht sehr schön aus!

  19. Can’t decide if ugly or not.

  20. RIP RS6

  21. I ALWAYS hated the Panamera. THIS looks sick AF! Would look awesome in my driveway next the my Dodge Magnum! Hopefully they sell like crap and are despised like all wagons and I can snap one up on the cheap 10-15 years from now. LOVE IT!!!

  22. Hideous

  23. Haha that spoiler is sad… 😀

  24. this guy is dying for a porshe … the legend says he’s stiĺl running

  25. Oh, I’m getting one.

  26. Why do they always use ugly white peoples in all their commercials

  27. Venture means in german Wagen and this has 2 meanings

  28. the most beautiful car of this type

  29. Don’t worry, wait for the gts or turbo s version to see the real potential of this state.

  30. What is Chris Harris thinking right now?

  31. LOL imagine they make a rally hat back Panamera ( or any car, maybe even a new hatchback model or idk the Macan even). That would be sick

  32. Porsche is life

  33. Really looking forward to this!! Beautiful!

  34. Myself = Porsche fanatic since young. But, also a huge HATCHBACK FAN! If you are, too, you know every emotion attached to both. For Porsche to hit the hatchy ball out of the park and over to the next park is without comparison! Good Lord, seeing it knowing it is AWD ..and turbo makes my heart race with all sorts of thoughts. Hmm… 200+k…this or a Mission-e… if dreams could come true, I would take one of each!

  35. Holy smoking Porsche

  36. looks like a station wagon ….but it’s not ugly

  37. This guys voice is becoming annoying

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