The new Porsche 911 Carrera – Everyday usability

The logical place for belongings in a Porsche 911 is the luggage compartment at the front. This is key to good travel comfort, remarkable everyday practicality – and the strong individuality of an unadulterated sports car. The perfect basis for superlative sporty performance, which you can bring to the road day in, day out. Learn more about the everyday usability of the new Porsche 911 in this video.

Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 6: 911 Carrera 4S: 8.9-7.9 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 204-180 g/km;

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  1. So nice! I hope I win the PCA raffle!

  2. All the middle aged men are showing this video to their wife’s to convince them it’s a good car.

  3. Eh? the people who can afford this car new, can afford an suv as a 2nd ‘practical’ car no?

  4. cost?

  5. I am getting a brand new Turbo S and driving from the UK to the Arctic circle, down to Moscow and across the south of Europe, Italy, Spain etc and then back home!

  6. Nice beetle

  7. think porsche think NAZI;)

  8. That was pretty cheesy

  9. Its give me knowledge about having Porsche.

  10. Larga dela..:-|

  11. Der sieht so Geil aus

  12. God knows i’m an ass man. Porsches have beautiful asses.

  13. great looking models

  14. Everyday usability for only two people, with 150000 euro I will buy two SUV.

  15. Gibt’s auch eine Ladesicherung für die Golftaschen? Bei einer Vollbremsung haben der Fahrer und seine Frau nichts mehr von ihrem 911?

  16. kbczw

  17. Cool now I have to look for those exact white luggage carriers at my local travel store. Hope they’re still in stock!

  18. such corny acting

  19. Porsche need to release their soundtracks, they’ve good taste

  20. Please VW, take note from mama Porsche and slap that lift system on your GTI!

  21. Why is it that folks who have no hope of ever affording something, have negative insights about those that can… instead of figuring out how to make it in life and get what they want.

  22. Hahahahahah. ..tiny trunk..

  23. bruh

  24. fucking awesome….

  25. Smartphone shelf, I love that idea. All these years, I have seen lots of people buying rubber pads to place their mobile on. Usually they slide off.

  26. I love how they make it to where the people are fuckin rich as hell lol

  27. I love porsche but this is so funny… That front is like a joke 🙂

  28. Why don’t you move seat-control buttons on the door (like Mercedes)? I remember, when i was trying to adjust seats on 911 carrera, i was opening a door, so my hand can squeeze to these buttons.

  29. Ator desse video ..^essa mulher só que o teu dinheiro cara ^..seliga

  30. Nm

  31. 0:17 You’re getting some tonight, but Porsche first then you…

  32. That lady totally forgot her phone in the center console and wasn’t able to take selfies of her and her hubby having the best time ever on their vacation for all of their Facebook friends and family to see. Thank you center console.

  33. Take those damn turbos off!!

  34. Impossibru!!!!

  35. Its always golf right…a sport that isnt a sport. Rich people fear breaking a sweat 😉

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