The new Porsche 911 GT3 RS on the Nardo test track.

*Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 6: 911 GT3 RS: 12.7 l/100 km, CO2 emissions 296 g/km

The new 911 GT3 RS breaks new ground. An experience that we want to share with you. The perfect driver for this job? Porsche works driver Brendon Hartley. Join him on his trip to the Nardo test track to see how the new 911 GT3 RS performs on track.

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  1. Clarcksooon or Hammond should test it on Top Gear 

  2. Is New Zealand even a Country?

  3. Just drove one of those yesterday.
    Here’s a clip of it accelerating !

  4. What’s up with the ever present selfie camera?  Nice car though. 

  5. Nice to see it driven not drifted the entire video

  6. "what they do in their spare time" I could only imagine what they would achieve when fully committed.

  7. Almost 5 minutes of faggot staring into the camera, and 1 minute of coolest car in the world. What a waste.

  8. *Will it beat a Z28?*

  9. RS – really sexy…amazing car. Congrats to Porshe Team

  10. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, it’s a Kiwi making his mark on the world. Kia Ora Cuz!

  11. It’s Andreas Preuninger!!! He is my favorite car guy.

  12. now get a fucking haircut

  13. I cant believe the camera man got sick. LOL

  14. Your life is clearly fabulous, but your haircut is not.

  15. hate to be that guy but this dude needs a new barber

  16. Nice to see im not the only one who eats on thier gt3 spoiler

  17. Now THAT is how you market to the millennials!

  18. I’ll never be rich enough to buy that but at-least I can drive it in my dreams

  19. Everyone wishing they had this car and i’m wishing i was a test car driver for Porsche 🙁

  20. Anyone else notice that Hartley looks a little like a young, Hans Yoachim Stuck?

  21. how he could wear a helmet with this hair cut 😉
    ps: amazing 911, maybe the most sexiest car in 2015

  22. The GT3 that beat out the Z28 on Head 2 Head, was not the more powerful and more agile RS model.

  23. +Porsche Can you please tell me where to get one of those Porsche racing jackets? Please! Someone tell me!

  24. Wrong! Not 3.3 in 100K..it’s actually 2.6

  25. Brendon, all of New Zealand is proud of you and Porsche!

  26. 500hp from 4 litres ! Hear that America ?? lmfao

  27. Congrats on Winning LeMan- This kid can drive!!! PORSCHE

  28. Where can I get a Porsche jacket like yours?

  29. Less music and more 4.0L engine please!!!

  30. Why would anyone give this video a thumbs down?! Great vid

  31. Lol @ the camera man is broken.

  32. that grip though!!!! My dream car already.

  33. very Cool

  34. The GT3 RS is, in my opinion, the best sports car currently in production.

  35. As an aside, anyone know the name of the musical composition 1 minute into video?i noticed the same soundtrack on the original Drive channel intro.

  36. The phone camera? Uh no thanks. 

  37. Did you see that car at 33 seconds?

  38. automatic… ohh man

  39. Excellent job young man! I don’t even want to think about how much trouble I’d have gotten into with one of those when I was your age. Now at 65, it’s been added to my bucket list!

  40. wow…. insane, crazy, wonderful !!!

  41. on the "test track" with no helmet…… riiight…..

  42. Why is he selfie-ing himself the whole time while he has a camera crew? 😐

  43. Chris’s Harris is the best test driver… Ever…use him and sell more cars.

  44. Wow lucky guy….enjoy

  45. Every day when I’m going out for a MTB ride, I can hear the people at Porsche testing the cars on their test track (i live near Weissach) 😉
    Awesome sound.

  46. Please Porsche! PLEASE build this car with 3 pedals!!!

  47. Madden mobile theme song xD

  48. Please don’t spill any Spaghetti on this phenomenal car :/

  49. Brendon hartleys got a great job

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