The new Porsche 911 R

The new Porsche 911 R is a lightweight version of the 991 – it weighs just 1370kg yet produces 500hp, enough for a 0-60mph time of just 3.7 seconds.

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  1. it’s obscene how futilely drool worthy this car is


  3. It needs a rear wing. Only my opinion.

  4. Eargasm, cargasm.

  5. This’ll put the vette to shame!

  6. oh wooow! Porsche 911 r now is on my bucket list.

  7. Pure porn… like!

  8. Who are the 17 goo gobblers that hit dislike??

  9. Great video! Where was it shot? I originally thought the location was the California or Arizona desert, obviously it’s not

  10. Wow! When you thought you have the best model, there is always a better one! What a beauty!

  11. I don’t know, i really don’t know… you say that "Porsche listens" to the purists that want a real driver car, when all the others are for rich brats. But then it goes out and produces 991 of these all already sold to, you guessed, all their existing clients who as you said don’t give a flying f about cars but collect to then flip them for 3 times the amounts to other crazy collectors. So in the end, the simple people like me and most people in here won’t ever ever be able to afford one. So…. they made something for us, BUT they also said, you can never ever have it. You can watch, but you can’t touch; you can smell but you cant eat. Great engineering, sad marketing.

  12. One question, Is there something more beautiful than this thing?

  13. The noise is a pure wet dream…

  14. This car is my only dream !

  15. This car reminds me a lot of the McLaren F1.  Powerful engine, manual gearbox and lightweight with all the crap you don’t need taken out.  Forget the 918, this is the Porsche every collector wants.

  16. never has my being poor ever became so evident. it really, truly sucks

  17. great video!

  18. Flagged for pornography.

  19. This is the music I play through my headphones while at work. 🙂

  20. Ausgezeichnet!

  21. Wow What an INFORMATIVE video NOT !!!!

  22. remember the BMW z8? I think this is partly what they had in mind but didn’t quite pull off

  23. where is this filmed at? the United States???

  24. Just like the GT4 Porsche will say that they will not promote a ‘black Market’ in these car by selling to speculators and just like the GT4 they will GET IT WRONG!
    Last year 37 GT4’s came to the UK, a month ago 32 of them up for sale, 25 in the Porsche dealer network and 7 through independent dealers all for £100k ++++++
    I have tried to buy both of these cars and all the dealers say is "sorry we have no cars" that is because they have sold them to ‘their friends’ who have agreed to sell them back within 6 months so that the dealer can sell them again and everyone makes a huge profit and the people who want a car to drive get RIPPED OFF!

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