The new Porsche Cayenne GTS: Purist

Purism is an uncompromising pursuit of a clear line: the road ahead. Purism is also the approach we took when building the new Cayenne GTS. A car that is true to its roots: the tarmac. More information on http://link.porsche.com/cayenne-gts?pc=YT92G_1

Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 5:
Cayenne models 11,5-7,2 l/100km; CO2 emission: 270-189 g/km

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  1. Looks like a "Santa Fe" at the back… I do not like this generation.

  2. hit like if u hate this colour.

  3. I can tell you that one one type of buyer is the "retiree from a couple decades in the military who wants an all-around vehicle; one that’s fast, nimble, great-looking, able to carry multiple people, and able to traverse back roads and mountains". At least those are some of the reasons why I got one (Turbo). Sure it was a bit pricey (well a ton) but I’ve never looked back on my purchase.

  4. llosa del cavall

  5. or the VW Toureg Diesel. It did win the Dakar Rally, so I would say it is Off-road capable.

  6. i prefer the previous one

  7. This should be James Bond’s new ride

  8. I’m pretty sure it’s filmed in South Africa. If you look at the road signs they are facing the wrong way for a car driving on the right hand side of the road.

  9. where is this video taken ?

  10. Disagree. More powerful, better handling, way better interior. The 92A is much better than the 9PA.

  11. nice color

  12. Isn’t it just!

  13. This cayenne GTS is a mindblowing car, whenever I look at this car I just I am in love with it !…

  14. this is a really good car but i would prefer the audi q7 v12 tdi anytime……:)

  15. I think the SRT looks much better, more threatening, much cleaner look!

  16. 007?

  17. So where is it filmed?!?

  18. why not a turbo? 😛

  19. Shut up and take my money.
    Oh wait…

  20. Mines is arriving tomorrow in carmine red, so excited.

  21. Simply awesome!

  22. when a GTS appears it means the line is ending….and a new on beginning

  23. Stunning car!

  24. i will buy it

  25. Just Fantastic !

  26. Where was this filmed? Love the roads. Must have been alot of fun to create this video.

  27. bravo, Porsche

  28. Looks so much better than the 1st gen Cayenne.

  29. The new designs will surely hurt Porsche’s sales. Porsche is more of marketing now, its sad that its now like a volkswagen beatle but they are doing marketing wrong because of the wrong design. The new coming 918 will be the only true modern Porsche

  30. I love Porsche, someday ill get one of my own …but honestly i still dont understand de "GTS" versions. I mean, theres always a more powerfull, better performance version, the Turbo version, despite they are more expensive, but its what you are paying for. And if you can afford an "S" version then you may afford the "GTS" version, but then if you can afford the "GTS" you may afford the Turbo, so… ???????

  31. just ordered mine in white on black rims, looks so much better and feels a lot faster than the old one, the interior of the old one is just garbage compared to the new one 😀

  32. What is the point of this vehicle?

  33. why a GTS i think the normal Cayenne S has got enough power… and with some extra things the performance of the S is as good as the performance of a GTS… and for those people who say " invironment? i am not instead in"… and if they have the money they’ll buy the Cayenne Turbo…

  34. Most beautiful cayenne ever

  35. it looks better than the Turbo

  36. Awesome video and a great looking SUV. Love the sound of the sport exhaust.

  37. nice road 😉
    but i hate these suv’s
    cayenne is the only porsche i don’t like 🙂

  38. i will buy it

  39. I’m drooling over the computer screen……

  40. love it

  41. Зачем нужен джип на этой дороге?

  42. Love it.., not sure about the colour!

  43. ugly car.

  44. Your grammar is just as horrible as your facts. The readers of “OFF ROAD” trade magazine voted the 2012 Porsche Cayenne the “Off-road vehicle of the year” in the “Luxury SUV” category. According to who this vehicle does not have off road capabilities?

  45. Im not sure who would buy this car. Family’s are better off with a X3 diesel or an ML250CDI , sports car guys can get a 911 and those looking for both in one may be better off with a A6 Avant.

    I love Porsche and all their cars but some are a bit pointless, I must admit

  46. Best-looking Cayenne, yet! And I love that "warbling" V-8 sound…

  47. Like a boss.

  48. love it

  49. how much?

  50. Looks so much uglier than the first gen Cayenne

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