The new Porsche Panamera – Sneak Preview event in Lithuania

Porsche Central and Eastern Europe unveiled the new Porsche Panamera in Lithuania at a sneak preview event. The presentation of the car was celebrated in an unusual and dramatic way as you can see in this video.

Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 6: Panamera Turbo: 9,4 – 9,3 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 214 – 212 g/km

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  1. First ma Boi

  2. good. they said they’d drop it off.

    gm commercial from 1995 duplicate. slow clap for Porsche and no creativity

  3. По любому можно было и попроще…

  4. Вертолет то наш

  5. Российский вертолёт притащил порша

  6. fuck yeah!

  7. too much money.. porsche doesnt know how to waste…

  8. Nice, but it’s the ferrari challenge soundtrack 😀

  9. Lithuanians – a rabid nazis and russophobes. But still use the Russian helicopter! Ha-ha! ))))))

  10. у богатых свои причуды

  11. Charm Replays 〉NA/KR Pros + Bronze V LOLReplays〈

    1:27 that person shooting in vertical kek

  12. ну и нахуя эти понты ? еще бы из стратосферы сбросили.
    Кто понтоваться хочет и так купит …..
    Ролик ватный!

  13. I thought the ferrari video suddenly started playing with that soundtrack at the end

  14. These guys know how to make a car reveal 😀

  15. I LOVE YOU CAR !!!

  16. How do we get invited to these events?

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