The One With The 2013 Audi S8! – World’s Fastest Car Show Ep. 3.9

It’s not your average executive class sedan. Boasting a 0-60 mph time that puts rivals to shame, the 2013 Audi S8 makes a play for supercar status. As Justin points out in this week’s episode, it’s performance is impressive enough to make you “Stoplight Hero” in any neighborhood.

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  1. that music hes listening to in the background LMAO

  2. is the A8 bigger in size than the S8?

  3. That front grill is fookin ugly. Absolutely ugly.

  4. this interior is soooooo german.. its so "cold", it looks just not luxury, its boring.

  5. U may wonder but Audis Transmission is faster than Porsches PDK LOL !!

  6. I love my S8! 🙂 Thanks for a fair review of this car!

  7. Man u should put on dynamic suspension while driving like this… see how your car bends a lot? Its on soft suspension…


  9. 118mph in a quarter mile !!!!!!!!!!! in a sedan 

  10. I have an Audi RS6. It has a very similar twin turbo V8 in a smaller Quattro package. No doubt it’s a Beast!!

  11. Sorry guys who bought S8’s, ya shoulda gotten Teslas, 3.1 0-60, EPA range 253 miles, MPGe 93 combined city and hwy. Torque at zero rpm 687 ft lbs. I like Audis too, 89 200TQ, 94 S4, 96 S6 Avant

  12. Great review. I hope to see more from this character he is a funny man!

  13. This is what a 4door Lambo would look like, much respect Audi….rt

  14. Oh my and the  Audi s8 doesn’t perform on a track! Way to go genius, it’s a luxury limousine, it is not meant for a track. To quote yourself, "what’s the point"…. of this review? It at no point test what the car was designed for. When are you twats going to join the real world and do proper reviews of cars? A supercar or even very sporty saloon, well yes try it on a track but 99.9999% of people buy cars for the road, surely that is not too difficult to understand.

  15. It probably cost $5k to change the thermostat. But then again, buyers would not drive these for longer than 60k miles. For people who have a shop or mechanically savvy, you can buy these for a fraction, used.

  16. that understeer bro

  17. shum keq vatyra sosht iteresat besom😝😝

  18. it understeers to much

  19. The S8 actually uses the higher output 4.0T shared with the RS7, not the regular version used in the S6/S7. They call it 520HP but it is tested closer to 570/580. Oh and with an APR tune it will do 11.1 @ 123 on pump gas.

  20. if you want the best ACTUAL CAR THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY USE AS A CAR (not as a conversation piece, never driving it), this is basically the perfect car, luxury, fast, looks beasty, large enough for any thing 

  21. World fastest car :DDD hahhahah

  22. Top flagship? lol what about the r8

  23. this guy is utterly horrible, no wonder i never saw him again on this show

  24. Boss Car…….doesnt got Angela Merkel one of these?

  25. This is known as a limousine in Europe btw and it’s very fun to drive, I have driven my dad’s s8

  26. that’s not one of the most powerful v8s no where near

  27. Supermodels do not have rocking hot bodies, unless you are a pedophile or gay or in the closet or something.
    They have skinny little boy’s bodies, and have no feminine features. everything is flat.
    The westernized supermodel standard of beauty with those horrible looking skin and bones models with 0 to minimal feminine body traits, needs to stay there.

  28. Worlds worst sedan

  29. it is cheaper too, cheaper than *MASERATI QUATTROPRTE GTS, MERCEDES S CLASS S63, BMW ALPINA B7, JAG XJR*,…  
    S8 is a silent monster…

  30. This guy isn’t a driver’s driver. He’s some pontz in a suit who is the reason all of the big 4 have gone soft with their offerings of late. 

  31. And the hell cat Charger will blow the doors off this car and every car in this line up has been proven over and over !

  32. weirdly dressed dude

  33. i want a fucking audi s8

  34. The under steer sounds like ear reap lol but still nice car

  35. You poor poor people, this car is a sleeper.

  36. Its the audis transmission that gives it the edge. 300hp audi’s perform like 400 hp cars

  37. i think the v8 diesel model which is capable of 1000nm of torque with a tune, may even be faster.

  38. Aluminum looking strip !

  39. hahahaha what a fagget

  40. Gets better Gas Mileage than a hellcat and has less hp this car is brilliant.

  41. Starts by saying it absolutely not a track car, not marketed as a track car, and shouldn’t be used for the track.

    Does entire review on a track. 

  42. This is absolutely pointless. Drive the car on normal roads and tell us what is like 90% of the people buying this car will never take it on a track.

  43. Since 1986 I only own AUDIs, they are amazing, awesome cars

  44. I wonder how many of you that comment can afford, let alone own a car in this class. I read the comments and can’t help but think …. So many ‘wannabe’ Engineers, Mechanics and Know-It-All Jackasses on YouTube (you know who you are). None of them could ever dream to build such a machine, let alone build it. But they seem to know all the faults and shortcomings. What geniuses they are … they are just wasted talent the world will never know about. When confronted with something superior they go into denial and the ‘loser engineer’ in them comes up with all kinds of excuses why their beloved brand is best. Since they are so knowledgeable they should be building cars instead of coming on YouTube and pissing others off oozing their verbal diarrhea. Envy is one of the seven sins and you’re diseased. Get some help.  German cars in my opinion are the best in the world, which brand u choose is totally up to you but please don’t magnify your inner Jackass for the world to see with your tunnel vision comments.

  45. What a waste of resources to create a vehicle for juvenile characters with which to ruin tires.  We can’t run out of oil fast enough to get rid of that dumb attitude.  The tester is a frustrated Berndt Rosemeyer (best driver of the Auto Union stable between the wars).  In his obsession to show how good a driver he is, he forgets what a transportation vehicle is supposed to do well (hint: it is not what he thinks it is). 

  46. 520Hp V8 Vs 1200Hp W16…World’s fastest Car NOT!

  47. Amazing and beautiful car!

  48. This car debadged especially the 16 plus version is definitely a contender for ultimate sleeper.

  49. Knowing this, how can they possibly get it to 60 in 3.5 seconds? 

    ”With 382 kW (520 hp) – the S8 is Audi’s big sports sedan. Its 4.0 TFSI paired with quattro all-wheel drive accelerates the car from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 4.1 seconds, yet consumes on average just 9.6 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (24.50 US mpg), corresponding to 225 grams CO2 per kilometer (362.10 g/mile).”

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